How to update Zwift on an iPad (IOS12)

I am a windows guy and do not know much about apple products. However to use Zwift at my local gym I bought an iPad 2018 (6th gen) which I managed to update to IOS12 and the install the Zwift app.
A few days ago my PC version of Zwift was updated (e.g. the Kona 112 mission was introduced) but on the iPad nothing is changed (i.e. I cant see the Kona 112 mission). I’ve tried to quit the app, turn off and on the iPad but there is no sign of the Zwift app updating.
Is there a way to force it to look for an update (and then installing it)?
Remember that I am a complete newbie (idiot?) in handling an iPad :-).

Go out the App Store and on the bottom click on Updates and refresh that page and select Update All

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Thanks again Paul!
It seems like you are my man on this forum :slight_smile:

Glad to help.