iPad 7th generation, iOS 9.3

My 7th generation iPad won’t let me download Zwift. The error message says that the app is incompatible with the iPad. Is there anything that can be done about this, or is there no way to use Zwift on this generation of iPad?

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I think you need iOS 11 or higher (it could be iOS 12).

I think the Zwift Companion App can run on older iOS models.

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Looks like iOS 9.0 and above is supported, but I thought that was not true anymore:


@shooj do you have an official word on what iOS is supported.

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I couldn’t download it on my old iPad either, I was up to iOS 10 or something

iOS 12 should be available for those devices.

Hi @Janelle_Nordine, welcome to Zwift forums!
Is it the Zwift game app, or the Zwift Companion app that’s throwing this message? The game app will run on iOS v9.0 and later.

However, the install error is expected for Zwift Companion v3.13.0 which we released four days ago. We’re building in features that only work on newer versions of iOS, like Meetups for up to 100 people, as well as other features in the pipeline, like Clubs.

The final version of Zwift Companion that will run on on iOS 9 and 10 is version 3.11.1. That should still be available in the App Store for older iPads and iPhones, but you will not be able to use the latest features.

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Well Zwift won’t download on my iPad and it’s software is 10.3.3 and Model MD511B/A

Please confirm: game app, or Companion app?

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@G_Wills Please check if that model is one of the 32 bit iPads? 32 bit hardware has never been supported. In the app store, you can click and see all the devices the app supports. So iPad 4’s are not compatible. iPad Air or iPad Mini2’s are the oldest devices supported.