IOS Apps not compatible with my device?

I have an Ipad with IOS 9.3.5 installed, Ipad 3 (MD366LL/A).  The apps are not downloading, I get the message saying “This app is not compatible with your device”   (9Gb or space available on ipdad).

Can anyone shed some light… 

Not sure it is supported:

Hi Carlos, 


Zwift for iOS will not work on your iPad3. You’ll need 


Device List: 

| iPad Air or higher, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 or higher, or iPod 6 |


Phone List:


| iPhone SE, iPhone 5S or higher |


Do you have another device you wanted to try it on? 

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That is quite upsetting. The app is simple, should run on various devices. I have just bought Tacx Vortex and found out that I can not use Zwift on my iPad 3 and not on my computer (macbook pro 2010). Running it on iPhone is silly, it is too small. Tried to run iphone via airplay on apple tv - not smooth. I don’t think I would want to buy new ipad or computer in order to run Zwift.

Is it compatible with iPad (4th generation)?
I keep getting the not compatible message for my device as well and it drained my phone so fast

Agree with other posters. Iphone is too small to see the numbers, and this is just a simple interface doing no number crunching, why is it not compatible with our ipads?




I just ordered a Garmin connect for ANT+ with the old iPad 2 connection (the only one ANT+ seems to support). I thought I would be able to use my old iPad for that and Zwift. Trying to download the Zwift app I learn that it is not compatible with the older iPad… Very irritating… :frowning: