Zwift Companion not working on iOS 9 / 10 [SOLVED]

I have been using Zwift companion on an iPad mini for quite some time, but it recently locked up. I couldn’t get it to work so I deleted the app with hopes of reinstalling and now I can not find it in the App Store. Has something recently changed with compatibility with the iPad mini?

The latest version 3.11.1 for iOS. Does this link not get you to a downloadable version?

The latest Zwift 3.11.1 version is not available on my iPad mini, but is still viewable on my iPad. The mini is at IOS 9.3.5 (max update available, but was great for Zwift), while my iPad is at IOS 13.3.1

That would explain why it is not available, I don’t think many newer apps would work on it. It must be the first Gen Mini since my Gen 2 goes to iOS 12.

The app says it’s compatible with IOS 9.0 and it was working until last week (and for a year), so what changed?


Zwift Companion v3.11.x is the last version that will support iOS 10.x and 9.x. These older iOS versions do not work with the features we plan on building in moving forward with ZC v 4.x

That said - it’s odd that ZC v3.11.1 is not showing up in your App store. We’ll investigate.

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Would you try this please?

  1. Search for Zwift Companion in the App Store, open Filters > Supports > and select iPhone Only
  2. On the App Store, open the profile > Purchased > Not on this iPad and see if they can search for ZC and find it on that list

Thanks for the tip…. The iPhone version is available and I was able to add it to my iPad mini. Please let me know if/when the iPad version is available.

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We are trying to save the planet and encourage re-use, a less disposable way of life - why does new technology insist in preventing owners of older devices from being able to access new apps. I now have to throw away an ipad mini, SAVE THE PLANET. Despite the advice given in this thread, my 9.3.5 ipad mini is not compatible with Zwift or Zwift companion.

I have the same issue :frowning:

ipad 2 ios 9.3.5 and not compatible…
now am looking for old version of Zwift RR and ZC to install it on my ipad
please who have a link to download old version Zwift.ipa SHARE IT with us.