Companion 3.40 crashes on iOS 12 [September 2022] [SOLVED]

The new 3.40.0 Companion will not run on my IPhone 6 Plus. Never an issue before. I use this to pair devices and to message as a ride group leader. It opens then hides in the back stuck on the message graphic. Nothing resolves this. Need help please

What version of iOS are you running?

Another recent report about this vintage of iOS device came from @Phil_Clarke2

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Hi Shuji,

Does this release now drop support for aging iOS devices and iOS v12.5.6? I’ve been using a dedicated iPhone 6 for the Zwift Companion App. After this release, the ZCA crashes immediately after launching. I tried removing/reinstalling the ZCA, but the behavior remains the same.


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@Phil_Clarke2 it’s supposedly still supported…

You already tried rebooting the iPhone?

Cheers Paul!

Yes, I tried the following already:

– Restarted the phone.
– Removed the app, re-installed the app.
– Removed the app, restarted the phone, re-installed the app.


Hi @Phil_Clarke2

We’re seeing a few other reports from other iPhone6 users, and looking into it. Will update when I have more info.


For the record my iPhone 6 is model 6 plus and most apps consider this a cut above a model 6 in capability

I merged your posts into this thread so all the discussion is in one place.

Thank you for clarifying that you have an iPhone 6 Plus. It appears this may affect both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and we’re looking into it.

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Won’t open full screen on my iPad Air running iOS 12.5.6 it opens then minimizes to the background and can’t be brought to the foreground. The App Store says it needs iOS 12 or later, am thinking they really mean 13 or later.

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My 5S was working just fine last night; clicked on it just now and it won’t launch, get the blue screen and then back to my wallpaper.

Also on iOS 12.5.6

Same with my iPad Air with the same OS. I’m only using the iPad for the companion and Spotify with Zwift running on Apple TV.


Any updates on this before the weekend?

iPhone 6 user, also having CA crash after latest update

It seems to be all Apple devices ruining 12 iOS

We have identified a fix and are working to get this available to download as soon as possible. We expect that release to hit the App Store early next week at this point.

To recap

  • iOS 12 is supported for Zwift Companion app.
  • Original reports were from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users, but it also impacts other models running iOS 12.

We appreciate your patience for a few more days.


Thank you :raised_hands:

Thanks Shuji. I was not sure if I needed to buy a new appliance for the ZC app. Now I need to just be patient.

Same problem, iPad Air running iOS 12.5.5

Hey everyone, we released the patch to fix this issue. Please head to the Apple App Store and update Companion to v3.40.2 at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for you patience!