Companion App Problems

(..Troy) #1

I’m finding the latest version of the IOS companion app is
rather glitchy. It loads ok and you can see the main map
but other functions like txt, viewing riders nearby etc end up
with the app shutting down. Last version was much more stable.

Is anyone else having the same problems?
Any fixes?


(Scott Higginbotham Tt1 F) #2

Yes, I’m experiencing the same issues on iPhone 5.

(..Troy) #3

I’m on iPhone 5 also.
Whilst on Zwift it will just switch off if I do something it doesn’t like.
Whist not on Zwift I’ll try to see activities, it won’t let me, says “opps”,
but that was how I sent "ride ons.

So I’ll go to Zwifting now to “Zwifters you follow”
and 9 times out of 10 its just shuts down as I click on one.

Its not good.

(..Troy) #4

The problem still exists.