Zwift Companion v3.54 [January 2024]

From this season on Zwift. So I guess this is phase 1.


Would also be good to show the completed date on the summary and have that as a sort field.

Has the rollout started again? I still do not have the option to explore workouts…

Any information on when the update will be released that will allow the Apple Watch to function as a reliable heart rate sensor? More Apple Watches are used as heart rate sensors than any other device in the world. So having it work commendably on Zwift would make a lot of people happy.

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One Companion app bug that I believe must be quite new: If I enter pairing mode and return to the game, the map screen in the Companion app still shows “Pairing…” and won’t let me get away from that. This is very annoying and has happened 4 times over last week. Force closing Zwift Companion does not help, it still claims I’m pairing. The only way to get rid of it was to reboot Zwift - but that’s not fun…

(for debugging purposes: I’m running Zwift on MacOS Sonoma and the latest version of Zwift Companion with the workouts browser, on Android 14.)

Still no workout browsing on android.
And the world calendar is off by one day.
Calendar shows for today, Tuesday, France/Paris.
But it actually is Tuesday, having London/Yorkshire.
London/Yorkshire is on tomorrow, Wednesday, according to the calendar.

The rollout hasn’t been resumed yet.

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I still am not seeing the Workouts on my android devices, and my Companion app is version 3.54 on February 6h

The workout hasn’t been resumed yet after having been paused due to problems.

When trying to add an event to my system calendar on iOS, ZCA keeps prompting me to check permissions EVEN though teh app HAS permission to write to the calendar. This only appears to have started with this update

Have a look over here…

Any update on this?

App version 3.54.0. Android version 14 on a Pixel 5. No workout section under Explore, just Worlds and Routes.?

If that’s the word from headquarters then :+1:. Workout paused.

Feature rollout separate from app version rollout is obviously a thing for something implemented on the servers, etc.

Yep, Zwift do sometimes roll out features separately from app versions (though dependent on a certain version) or turn on features later in one go for all after an app version rollout.

Android users please note that v 3.54.1 has been released to the Play Store.

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The badges for the new routes are still missing in the companion app under Explore → Routes.

So I have 3.54.1 (Android) but I do not see the workouts.

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No nor here. but I’m sure they will be by the next time I check out Zwift round November time