How to skip workout segments in Companion app?

Would it be possible to add the skip workout segment buttons to the app again? This appears to be missing in the iPhone IOS version. Thanks!

Hi @Frank_Molema

Looks like you took a ~6 month break from Zwift, welcome back! We redesigned the game app’s Action Bar this Spring, and part of the changes also streamlined the Companion app.

These days, you can skip a workout segment on the Workout tab of the Companion app by swiping it. It’s not new in Companion v 3.52 - this has been this way for some time now. Here’s a GIF to demonstrate:


Huh, what about that.

I’m curious how much % of the user base knew this.
It is new for me.

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Wow. I had no idea.

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Thanks, that was pretty unintuitive though :sweat_smile:

But good to know. The buttons on the map were a lot easier to find, so I suggest to bring those back.

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