Zwift Companion 3.57 [May 2024]

Hi Zwifters!

Zwift Companion app v3.57 is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Please update at your convenience.

  • My List: select the workouts and routes you’d like to do next, and they’ll show up in the For Your carousel on game’s home screen. See this post for details.

  • Fixed an issue causing Zwift Click firmware updates to be unavailable for some users.

  • If you’re keeping score - we skipped 3.56 and went to 3.57.

  • Android & iOS:

    • Fixed a bug causing some workout blocks to display the wrong color in the Workout browser.
  • iOS:

    • Fixed an issue when viewing tied race results.
    • Made general improvements to the user experience when viewing race results.
  • Android:

    • Fixed a bug causing the map to get cut off on some devices while Companion is paired with Zwift.

Questions or issues to report? Let us know below.


Did you fix the issue that came with the last update that when you click start on the device you are running Zwift on for a route, ZCA pairs, and then the map is half cutoff. You have to go back to the ZCA home screen, hit home to bring up events, then hit home, then hit game to make it come back to full screen


Last point in the announcement (above).

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Missed it, thanks