My List and Home Screen Updates [April 2024]

Hi Zwifters! This week we are rolling out Zwift version 1.64.0 (starts April 30) and Companion version 3.57.0 (May 1).

Home Screen Updates

We are launching some changes to the Home Screen as a first step towards improving user navigation and reducing complexity. With 1.64.0, you will see the following changes in Zwift’s Home Screen experience:

  1. Text navigation (instead of icons).
  2. The ability to change your UI scaling is removed. Instead, a standard scale setting will be used.
  3. We’ve added fading to the left/right of the rows when there are more cards off the screen.

Over time, we will shift the Home Page to focus on surfacing Zwifter relevant information and enabling quick entry into a ride. Browsing content and planning a ride will still be available in Zwift’s Home Screen on the Events, Workouts, and Routes pages.

My List

We are also letting Zwift Companion take a central role in planning rides. To that end, we are launching My List on Zwift Companion with 3.57.0 (May 1). My List lets Zwifters plan their next ride ahead of time from their phone. Planned rides then display on the For You row of the Home Screen, giving Zwifters direct control over what cards display in their Home Screen.

At launch, any Zwift workout or route can be planned via My List. My List is not currently compatible with Training Plan, Custom, or 3rd party workouts.

We wanted to address some of the questions about the new Home Screen scaling.

Q: What pages does this change affect?
A: All pages on the Home Screen: Home Page, Events, Routes, and Workouts

Q: Are there plans to bring a UI Scaling setting back in the future?
A: Not currently. We may work towards a different phone vs large screen experience in the future, but that isn’t roadmapped.

Q: What other changes are planned in the future?
A: We are considering changes to the card designs on the home screen to better align with landscape screens. We also have preliminary updates planned to the Routes and Workouts pages to make those easier (and more fun!) to use, however those changes are not yet on our roadmap.

Q: If I have a widescreen monitor, why can’t you use the full real-estate?
A: We can, however it comes with the drawback of slower development due to supporting a myriad of resolutions. We’re making the decision to prioritize improving the home screen experience for all users more quickly over improving the experience for widescreen monitors.


What’s the equivalent current setting to the new auto scale? Hopefully not the default (medium?) as that’s way too big. Weird to take away a QoL option like this.

Replacing the icons with words is a nice change at least.


No idea if this is even possible; but being able to add a Robo Partner to My List would be fantastic addition; so it’s right there in your face when you hop on for the days that’s all you have planned.


Looking at the release notes from ZI it appears the update is bad. Tiles too big and doesn’t fill ultra wide screens the way it used to.

Can you please please please stop pushing things that make Zwift worse @evan-zwift @shooj @Jon

And please start doing QA


Whoop whoop :raised_hands: read a lot about the updates, This feels like big steps forward.
Not prefect, but I really feel the intention!


UI scaling for the Home Screen has disappeared. Text and icons on the Home Screen are … BIG.


Who thought this change was an improvement? I try not to be excessively critical but this is bad. (Photo is 1.63)


I spent more time that I want to admit looking for this lol. Need that scaling to make those giant tiles much smaller.


Just tried list feature. added a bunch of routes i’ve not completed yet via companion list function but only two of them are showing along with a bunch other stuff plus routes that are not on my list.

First two are on my list.

tiles 4 and 5 aren’t on my list.

Same here, added two workouts and two routes but only the routes are showing. I’m also only on 1.63 as the update isn’t available to me so maybe that has something to do with it?

Will you be adding access to our custom workouts folder so we can add those workouts to My List?

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Thanks for your reports, we’re investigating.

@B_Jimmy @Gordon_Rhino-Racing
Can you screenshot the Zwift Companion app? We want to know if the things you selected in ZC still show as queued when you back out of the list, then return to the list?

Once I exit the game and go back ZC app the four are still showing as queued up.

Thanks for both screenshots, that helped a lot. Can we ask you and @Gordon_Rhino-Racing to log out of the game app and log back in?

We flipped a switch on the server end that may clear this up. Please let us know if that did it?

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You worked your magic, it’s fixed on my end and they’re in the correct order. :grinning: Thanks!

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Cool, Thanks for confirming!

Where is it on Android?

I’m on 3.57.0 (1785), but I don’t see it. Not sure where I should be looking. I added a route and it has appeared in “For You”, but I can’t find a way to view and modify the list in Companion.


I’m not seeing the MyList tab either. Stand by, we’re looking into that.

My list tab only started showing up after force closing the android app and reopening it (though I did fire the game up having added a bunch of things to my queue in the meantime, in case that had any effect) before it would show up.
I’ve also cleared my queue and force closed the CA again, it’s (mylist) still showing as well.

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