New Home Screen Update [March 2023]

Hi Zwifters.

We’re happy to announce that the new Home Screen is now rolled out to all devices. Windows and Android users previously seeing the legacy Home Screen will be able to enter the Garage before starting a session, save an activity without closing the app, and use other long-awaited functionality.

If this experience is new to you, please see our New Home Screen FAQ for guidance.

NOTE: The new Home Screen is enabled server-side by Zwift HQ. You should also be on the latest Zwift game version, which is 1.33.4 at the time of this writing.

What we’d like to ask from you:

Please continue to provide feedback on the new Home Screen design. Your input continues to inform next steps. As is our practice, we will auto-close this thread in 2 weeks to capture your feedback relevant to this moment in time.

Q: I am still seeing the legacy Home Screen. When will I get the new one?
A: Please ensure you’re on the most recent version of Zwift. If you’re still seeing the legacy Home Screen, please contact our Support team.


Looking forward to future developments with the New Home Screen!

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Do you still get logged out and have to go through the device pairing again on Android after saving?

i’d love to be able to “pin” the bots i use the most on the left side of their section. i hate horizontal scrolling over to them.

i know that something changed on this to “almost” show this, but it seems to reset often and not be very sticky.


If I have a workout scheduled for the day (for me Training Peaks) that should be right at the top of the homepage.


yeah, you still get booted out to the login screen which makes ending one course and starting another a bit of a bit but i think it’ll always be that way

Absolutely. Can’t believe this isn’t there already.


On mobile platforms, when you exit, you’ll return to the screen where your username is remembered. You’ll one-click to log in, pair devices, etc, but you won’t have type in your email & PW unless you’re going to change users.

Have had this screen for some time, and although it now allows me to go into the garage to change bike prior to a ride/race, I keep forgetting and end up in a ride/race with the wrong bike. I would really like to see what bike I currently have on the home screen itself so I’m reminded before I join ride/race tile. E.g new tile showing current bike/wheel, with button/link to the garage.


I think that horizontal scrolling in general is bad.


Or even add them to a favourites bar (along with other features) that sits above others.

Also something like the workouts section I’d happily turn off /hide if I could because I don’t use workouts.

One of the biggest problems with the home page is it attempts to figure out what you want without asking (hard!) and it would be so much better if it allowed you to assert what you want and don’t want to see. Show/hide/favorite options would be so nice. Like a certain Robo Pacer? Favorite! Never use Robo Pacers? Hide all! It would allow users to declutter the UI and potentially eliminate all scrolling and hunting through unwanted stuff.


This x1000



While I was looking at the badges I’m missing, its really stupid a message appears above the route ‘Complete the Route’ - but I can’t do anything from here - why can’t I click Route or the message, view info on it and even go straight into a ride to complete it / get the bade?


^^^^ this


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