New layer

I don’t now how but I have a new layer. Is anybody know how chanche it for the old one?

If you mean the new Home Screen, then you are apparently one of the “happy few” to have been given it in the ultra-slow rollout: New Zwift Home Screen Update [January 2022]

It’s said to be being applied at random, but it’s going to PC users first, plus Mac users as from this week, and one Zwift HQ representative said a few days ago that newer users are said to be getting it ahead of more experienced zwifters.
I haven’t seen any mention of being able to roll back to the older version.

Edit: I just found the FAQ section on the Zwift site, confirming no rollback is possible:

Q: I want to use the legacy Home Screen. Can I do that?

A: We will be rolling out the new Home Screen to all Zwifters in early 2022. We are unable to provide the legacy Home Screen or an opt-out to the new Home Screen.
The new Home Screen will make Zwifting even better and more intuitive than ever, making it easier for Zwifters to find the rides and runs they’re looking for. The same goes for getting into their in-game garage. And achievements and badges are now just a click away.
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