New Home Screen Update [iOS] [October 2022]

Hi Zwifters.

We’re starting the roll out of the new home screen to all iOS users today.

This other thread is last month’s home screen update for reference.

The new home screen will be rolled out to iOS devices.

October 25 2022
NOTE: The new home screen is enabled by Zwift HQ server-side. You should also be on the latest Zwift game version, which for iOS is v 1.30.0 at the time of this writing.

Q: I am still seeing the legacy home screen. When will I get the new one?
We are still in phased roll out to users over the next few months. We’re actively working to bring the new home screen to these customers:

  • Android users
  • Some devices/hardware across all platforms (Mac/PC/iOS/Android/AppleTV) are currently incompatible with the new home screen.

Q: When is “Ride with” another Zwifter coming back?
Please see our post here for an update.

What we’d like to ask from you:
Please continue to provide feedback on the new Home Screen design. Your input continues to inform next steps.


Question about the new homescreen. I have just started seeing this today, and I do not have any meet up invitations as this is normally how meet ups look on the home screen. I’ve seen this a few times today and I am wondering what exactly it is. It looks like a blank event with no details.

How do we know if we have hardware that is incompatible with the new home screen. My PC has not yet been updated. I run on a 8 year old Lenovo laptop with i7-3667U CPU. Not sure what graphics card it has.

I don’t think there are specifics, but here is something from @shooj in an older thread:

“There are some older integrated graphic processors that don’t run well with the new UI, and we’ve chosen to keep the classic home screen running on those machines until those issues have been resolved.”

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Hi, since last week I had to use another laptop (windows) for Zwift.
I downloaded the latest software, but see now that I do not have the newer home screen anymore.
How can I update it? Or is there a good reason for it?

(Now it seems I cannot choose the makuri track to finish that challenge for example).

Thank you in advance for the freedback.

If you’re on the latest software and you’re not seeing the new home screen, there’s probably nothing you can do about it. If you want to finish the Tour of Makuri Islands, you can pick one of the make-up events or free ride the route when it’s on the calendar. It’s on the calendar for the rest of the month.

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Look up one post before yours. :wink:


Best wish for 2023.
Can you please review the following and evaluate if we can update Home Screen navigation.

For ATV users