New Home Screen Update [September 2022]

So, I am part way through a training plan. How the heck do I find it in fewer than 120 clicks from the home screen? Intuitive, I beg to differ. The Home screen is very frustrating, I’m presented with lots of things I don’t want to see and have to hunt down what I do want. Why can’t my training plan be visible somewhere, like it is on the companion app? Also my FTP keeps re-setting itself.

Where are the ‘how to’ guides? What exactly has become more intuitive, give me a clue please, sell me the features. There is so much to know and you don’t seem to promote it anywhere? When I get on my machine I want to start riding within seconds, not spend minutes searching through completely non-intuitive screens. The training plans are such a good idea, but hugely poorly presented and executed. I’m looking into alternatives.


I’m finding a similar issue - my workouts sync daily from TrainingPeaks. They used to be easy to find. In the new UI? There’s literally no way to find them as far as I can tell, other than clicking into “custom” filter and sorting through every single workout I’ve ever created. There no longer appears to be a simple way of accessing my workout for the day.


the old way to navigate workouts works much much better, lists work better than tiles when there are so many of them.

If you have a workout coming up from TrainingPeaks or a training plan or whatever, surely that should be about the first thing you see on the home screen.

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Agree the UI on the ATV is almost unworkable! Before update I select workouts, click on Training Peaks and select my workout. Then select a world and am off. Now I can’t even find Training peaks.

This is a classic UI mistake. You may have made it more intuitive for someone who doesn’t know what they may be liking for you have made it overly complicated for an experienced user to use.

I hate new Home screen can i change back ?

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I think you probably know the answer to that

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I’ve been meaning to get back to this topic.

I guess I finally got some kind of UI update, and can happily report that the Apple TV (gen 2) track pad support is significantly better.

It’s actually mostly usable now, although at least one widget doesn’t behave: At the end of a session, the summary screen has a kind of control bar across the top with three options. One shows a power graph, one a map, and another I can’t remember. This widget is difficult to set focus on, then challenging to select from the 3 options.

Otherwise, significant improvement!

Totally agree, the issue for me is how they’ve just pasted the new UI on the old one which means as soon as you click on a workout you’re just back to the old workout UI, so more clicks to get back to the same old workout UI anyway? Why roll out a reskinned UI and not the whole new one?

/you have to hope that workouts is a section that will develop overtime - at the moment it is a bit of a disaster.

Yes but why release it half done…?

That’s zwift’s USP

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  1. WOW!!!’ This gives me a MUCH better overview of my options and what’s where. LOVE it.

Having one main and maybe couple of 2nd art ‘just ride’ options is going to be a thing for sure. What might it look like?

  1. I could imagine one would be ‘surprise me’ (we could all spool off tons of ways this could work but) with the core idea being if you keep whacking the button you get to ride without choosing (having to think / make decisions).

I love the idea that it doesn’t put you in a rut though maybe it slowly has you explore new courses/experiences and fun stuff some may never find /look for like if you go to the jungle it puts you on a mountain bike. Again many details ideas but many I think (who aren’t here posting right?) may only ride a few common short courses and not realize the big world(s) / experienced out there or get tired just thinking about figuring that out.

  1. There could be other basic options if one did SOME scrolling (back to same course as last time or same PP or into a ride with group about to start you’ve ridden with before or many variations on those).

  2. I suspect (and someone said this?) nice to have option at some point to set a default (or a couple?) like radio presets (!) for some.

I’m VERY happy overall that this is a huge positive relaunch already from my perspective and the next step is likely now how to make it not overwhelming and/or easy when one wants to ‘just ride.’ Thank you all working on this and engaging with us here I know it’s tough and I’m really impressed by this big new UI!

I am having this same issue - When I first logged in I had the legacy “choose your training plan workout” screen. However, I exited that and cannot get it back. Now when I login I can browse to “plans” and see the plans, but I end up being on the last day of the workout plan (since I have done it before).

At 530 am it is too hard to figure out and I end up getting very frustrated.

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I’m a Appletv user. When I select Just ride, the font used for the screen where I can select a ride is just too small, although there’s more than enough space. My tv screen is about 7 ft away and it’s hard to read.

Jean-Marc: in “My settings”, you can change Home Screen Scaling. Does that help?

Thanks, I have to admit I did not check if it was possible to do that. I’m surprised that feature is available.
For the rest of the new Zwift, i’ill get use to it.

Hi everyone,

The October 2022 Home Screen update thread is here. Please join us on that discussion for the latest news, especially if you Zwift on iPhone or iPad.