Zwift Companion Release, December 6 (3.0.0 iOS, Android)

(Sydney Richardson) #21

Messages sent in a meetup will only be visible by other zwifters in the meetup :+1:

(Dave Brown) #22

Nice update but still no native iPad app,stuck with he phone version still.

Can we also get the ability to select courses and workouts via the app? Trying to use the Apple TV remote is a real PITA.

(Bob Garner) #23

A fix for the training plan crash on iOS was released this morning, have a look out for version 3.0.1. Sorry about that.

(C lau) #24

:partying_face: Activity Feed! :partying_face: … and it even shows the jerseys I took :sob:

(Glenn Mc Diarmid) #25

Hi great update, when I view my activity, selecting the Level Up icon from highlight ribbon shows previous level not new level.

(Vincent W.) #26

Hey @Glenn_McDiarmid can you provide a screenshot of this?

Edit: This is a bug we’re aware of and working on! Thanks for the heads up @Glenn_McDiarmid

(Vincent W.) #27

(Raving Cyclist) #28

In Activity Feed - “Just Me” is just me. “Favorites” shows just me also, NOT my favorites. All the “thumbs ups” are grayed out. I’m unable to send any “ride-ons”.

(Vincent W.) #29

When you close out Zwift Companion and restart it are you getting the same errors?

Edit: Have you gotten a chance to favorite anyone yet?

(Sydney Richardson) #30

Hi @Raving_Cyclist, I think I know the issue you’re experiencing, can you tell me if you have favorited anyone? This is different than just following someone.

(Barb Jaeger) #31

It’s working! Thanks for the response. Loving the updates to the companion app.

(Raving Cyclist) #32

The ride-ons are working now! And I was thinking the “favorites” meant people I’m following. I have no favorites. That must be new to this version.

Thanks for the quick response!

(Craig Groombridge) #33

I’m using a Huawei Mate 10 Pro, work okay before the update now the map view doesn’t show anything, all the metric boxes are there just no map. Going to uninstall and reload

(Klaus Ditze) #34

How can i delete Pictures in activities (iOS-APP)?

Will be the new activities-Presentation available soon for Web-Browser?

(Zevy Yanovich) #35

Love the meet up functionality. Would be great to add the ability for folks to join via URL. This allows group rides where we don’t follow each other in zwift to get together.

(Johnny Enemark) #36

Great update. I use Apple TV so the ability to review the activity afterwards is great.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [VISION]) #37

@Vincent I’ve noticed race results say 13rd rather than 13th.

11st too, rather than 11th.

I assume the developer who wrote this is only taking the last digit into account. (i.e. 3rd or 1st)

(J Miesemer (TBC)) #38

I just completed a meetup ride and really enjoyed the ability to create the ride, invite others, and have the beacon to help keep us together. The meetup messaging didn’t work the way I expected. I anticipated the meetup messaging on the Companion app would only show messages from our group but it appeared to show all messages or at least all messages from other meetups. On screen, we saw our messages in green but they often they got covered up by other rider’s messages and when you looked at the companion app to read it you needed to scroll through pages of messages in the “meetup” tab to find messages from your group. We ended up bailing on the meetup messaging and used another non-zwift chat platform. Also, there are way too many people riding in Zwift this time of year for limiting everyone to NYC.

(Charles Olmsted (Tbc)) #39

Agreed. Thanks for posting

(Ala Whitehead ) #40

Hi, I am unable to see training plan on my app, as per your update. I can see everything else and it’s great, however I can’t see future training plans.