Zwift Companion Release, December 6 (3.0.0 iOS, Android)

(Sean Hickman) #41

Same problem here, we see all our ride details, but no map on the map screen of both of our Samsung, A8’s and Samsung Tab A’s. Tried both restarting as well as reloading. Nothing worked.

(Facecoach Marlus (Webtreino)) #42

o Zwift esta cada vez melhor, e eu cada vez mais empolgado!! essa última atualização foi simplesmente a melhor até agora!! Parabéns equipe!!

(Mark Knowlton (D)) #43

Same here, no map. Others have sent texts with same issue. Also, can’t send thumbs up.

(Craig Groombridge) #44

I un-installed did a restart on phone then re-installed all working again

Next problem to sort dropping down to zero speed / cadence / power on PC, presume that may be an Ant+ signal problem. Very annoying.

(Grayson Lloyd [DIRT]) #45

My screenshots don’t seem to be saving anymore. Can’t find them on my iphone or my laptop afterwards. I like taking a pic of my ride report to use on Strava.
Now they are nowhere to be found.

(Jim Mattson) #46

Also, the full race results are cut off at #500.

(Jon Edwards) #47

Love the idea of meet ups.

One question, what is the easiest way to see when a follower starts zwifting while you are also in-game? One the previous companion I would see people I follow who are currently zwift in the activity feed. Now I only see completed sessions. I guess this might have changed because they would not have set the privacy level until they finish, but I just want the easiest way to send them ride ons.

(Glenn Mc Diarmid) #48

Hi Vincent on my ride today I had a Level Up and pleased to report the issue that I reported above has been corrected.

(Jeff Miesemer) #49

Also another question about meetups: During our meetup’s 15 laps of NYC 6 Train we didn’t acquire any power ups when passing through the banner. Is that a function of the route or are power ups disabled in meetups?

(Dan Coulson Rcc Kiss (C)) #50

Hello, I don’t get how training plan works. I would really like to see a calendar of rides/workouts I have signed up to, instead of randomly coming across them

I thought the new training plan addition would solve this, but I cant even see that?!?

Have I done something wrong?