Zwift Companion Release, December 6 (3.0.0 iOS, Android)

(Sean Hickman) #41

Same problem here, we see all our ride details, but no map on the map screen of both of our Samsung, A8’s and Samsung Tab A’s. Tried both restarting as well as reloading. Nothing worked.

(Facecoach Marlus (Webtreino)) #42

o Zwift esta cada vez melhor, e eu cada vez mais empolgado!! essa última atualização foi simplesmente a melhor até agora!! Parabéns equipe!!

(Mark Knowlton (D)) #43

Same here, no map. Others have sent texts with same issue. Also, can’t send thumbs up.

(Craig Groombridge) #44

I un-installed did a restart on phone then re-installed all working again

Next problem to sort dropping down to zero speed / cadence / power on PC, presume that may be an Ant+ signal problem. Very annoying.

(Grayson Lloyd [DIRT]) #45

My screenshots don’t seem to be saving anymore. Can’t find them on my iphone or my laptop afterwards. I like taking a pic of my ride report to use on Strava.
Now they are nowhere to be found.

(Jim Mattson) #46

Also, the full race results are cut off at #500.

(Jon Edwards) #47

Love the idea of meet ups.

One question, what is the easiest way to see when a follower starts zwifting while you are also in-game? One the previous companion I would see people I follow who are currently zwift in the activity feed. Now I only see completed sessions. I guess this might have changed because they would not have set the privacy level until they finish, but I just want the easiest way to send them ride ons.

(Glenn Mc Diarmid) #48

Hi Vincent on my ride today I had a Level Up and pleased to report the issue that I reported above has been corrected.

(Jeff Miesemer (TBC) ) #49

Also another question about meetups: During our meetup’s 15 laps of NYC 6 Train we didn’t acquire any power ups when passing through the banner. Is that a function of the route or are power ups disabled in meetups?

(Dan Coulson Rcc Kiss (C)) #50

Hello, I don’t get how training plan works. I would really like to see a calendar of rides/workouts I have signed up to, instead of randomly coming across them

I thought the new training plan addition would solve this, but I cant even see that?!?

Have I done something wrong?

(Ewan Kirk) #51

Good update but one minor problem. The list of workouts in a training plan is ordered in a very odd way which doesn’t really help one plan. For example, see the screenshot below.

Why are the ones that need to be done by Sun Night below the one available on Monday morning. Also, the ones in Week 5 don’t indicate which Monday morning they’re available on. This gets worse in some weeks.

I would have uploaded another image where the ordering of the workouts seems random? Which Thursday morning, why is the last one on Thu Morning below the one available on Fri Morning… etc etc.

What would be much more useful would be two dates (dd/mm). The first is the date on which the workout becomes available and the second is the date that it has to be completed by.

Hope this helps.

(Ewan Kirk) #52

Here’s the other image showing the workouts in completely random order.

(Jason) #53

It is incredibly annoying that active riders you follow do not show up in the Activity Feed anymore. It used to be an easy and quick way to give Ride Ons. You can still give Ride Ons by selecting ‘Zwifting Now’ and then ‘Zwifters you Follow’, but it is clumsy and slow with several extra steps per Ride On.

I don’t understand why the Activity Feed has changed. Surely it can’t be due to privacy settings given you can still see active riders via ‘Zwifting Now’. Hopefully the Activity Feed will show active riders again very soon.

(Jon Edwards) #54

Maybe I have not figured out how to best use companion, but I can only see “Zwifting Now” when: 1. I am not personally riding zwift, or 2: momentarily when I am riding zwift on the “Home” screen when I first open companion. Once companion recognizes I am in game, it switches to “map”, “dashboard”, and “zwifters nearby.” After this, I don’t know how to get back to the see “zwifting now.”

This is so clunky, but I have been disconnecting the wifi on my phone to force companion back to the home screen. There surely is an easier way. Thanks for your help!

(Jason) #55

There are a number of issues I hoped would be fixed with the new Companion app, but it seems either Zwift don’t consider them to be issues or it may take a while longer.

  • Can’t see all followers or those that you are following if you have more than 100 or so. I have over 500 followers and the list of followers becomes useless if you want to check who is following you. I can’t remember everyone that I have allowed follow me in the last 2.5 years.

  • List of followers or those that you are following is in a random order. Makes it impossible to find someone easily. Should be alphabetical or offer a choice for sorting.

  • The weekly distance (for my weekly goal) is often not correct and shows fewer kms than I have done. This is not because of discarded rides. The app simply does not sync sometimes or accumulates random distances.

  • This is a new issue. The new activity panels in the Activity Feed are to large. The larger Ride On buttons are welcome, but the larger activity panels for each Zwifter take up too much screen space. This means that I can only see two or maybe three activities at a time. This makes giving Ride Ons using my phone (Android) a slow process as I am constantly scrolling to the next activity. Previously I could see many activities at a time and quickly give 6 or 7 Ride Ons then scroll to the next 6 or 7.

  • There is still no way to give multiple Ride Ons during a group activity. This is ridiculous as group rides are often when you want to give multiple Ride Ons. It is also very difficult to fiddle with the Zwifters Nearby list in the app when riding in faster groups. Adding this feature would be very welcome.

(Jason) #56

Hi Jon,

I use Android so it may be different on iOS if that is what you are using. In Android you can easily go back to the Home screen at any time, even when Zwifting. You should be able to swipe from the left of you screen to drag the main menu into view. Alternatively, you should still see the three ‘menu’ lines in the top left corner of your screen even when viewing the Game screen. Tap those three Menu lines and that should also bring up the main menu.

Ride On.

(Daren) #57

I might be misunderstanding you, but is the “Zwifters you follow” tab on the second screen what you’re after?

(Lin) #58

“Zwifters Nearby” are currently Zwifting aka “Zwifting Now”
It’s a list of those in your immediate vicinity. If you want to look for someone, you can go to “More” and there is a search or find Zwifters option.

Looks the same as Android for the most part:

(Stefan Hoetzl) #59


very nice and great update. I wish an filter for My Events on the event screen.


(Jorge Teixeira) #60

Give us option to add going eventos to google calendar on android…