Zwift Companion Release, December 6 (3.0.0 iOS, Android)

(Jon Edwards) #61

Thanks for the help guys. @Daren_Chandisingh, I believe @Lin is right, the zwifters you follow tab seems to only include followers if they are in the vicinity. I believe he is correct that one must search manually for each follower using “find zwifters.”. My iOS version seems to not do what @Jason_Hurst suggests in Android with a left swipe to return to the home screen.

Oh well! On long rides I would periodically bring up the activities list to seem if anyone had joined after my session started. It gave me something to do between intervals.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [VISION]) #62

Hmm, that’s definitely not how it seems to behave for me. I’m on Android, and “Zwifters you follow” shows anyone I follow who’s Zwifting at the moment I’m pretty sure.

“Zwifters nearby” is limited to people around you though.

(Sydney Richardson) #63

@jmlopezdona thanks for the suggestion! Sorry for my ignorance, what does STT/SP mean? is that speed? is this for cycling or running?
Thank you!

(Sydney Richardson) #64

@Jon_Edwards @Jason_Hurst
Thank you for your feedback about this! It helps tremendously, and we’re working on a solution. Knowing what you’re trying to accomplish helps us create a better product for you. Stay tuned…

(Sydney Richardson) #65

Hey @Dan_Coulson_RCC_KISS
We have only released the full training plan list view+workout details at this time, and are continuously improving upon it. Your feedback is very helpful, and no you have not done anything wrong!

(Dan Coulson Rcc Kiss (C)) #66

Hello Sydney,

TBH I don’t understand that, as an answer.

Tell me what you mean by a training plan if it isn’t a list of your upcoming events?

(Jason 'The Shepherd' Hurst Team AHDR (C)) #68

Sydney, I don’t understand how the Activity Feed could have changed unless it was a conscious decision on the part of the designers as it worked fine in previous versions of the app. Or is it a bug that active riders no longer appear? Either way, I hope it is reinstated very quickly. I follow over 1,000 people and over 500 follow me and I am very active at giving Rice Ons and interacting with them. This issue with the Activity Feed now makes that almost impossible, especially if trying to do it while riding.

Given how important the social and community aspect of Zwift is to its success and as a differentiator between it and its competitors, losing the ability to quickly and easily show support for other riders is unacceptable. Yes, I know I am driving this point hard, but the previous versions of the app had this very useful functionality and now it has disappeared while Zwift is crowing about this being the best version of the app yet.

While I’m on the topic of supporting other riders, can Zwift please show the full rider name and full activity title in the app. Long rider names and activity titles are truncated, sometimes to the point where you just give up and wait to see if it shows up on Strava, assuming you follow that person on Strava. Surely it can’t be hard to allow the user to scroll this information to see all of it.

(Lin Alan) #69

NOTE: This comment is for the iOS Companion app

@Jon_Edwards The following might be of use to you. It allows you to see your followers who are currently Zwifting vs Offline.

While Zwifting, open the Companion app to the Map screen. Once there, touch/select your avatar/picture in the upper left corner.

That will take you to your profile. Select/touch “Followers”.

Now you will see your “Followers” separated into “Zwifting Now” and “Offline”. If select someone who is currently Zwifting, you have options to text, ride on, flag, fan view.

(Jon Edwards) #70

Wonderful! Thanks @Lin!

(Michael Sternberg (ZRG)) #71

Since last update the companion app crashes very often on my ios tablet. Is this a known issue?

(Jose Manuel Lopez [Zesp]) #72

Hi, STT is Trainer Stress Score, it appears at the end of a bike activity, in the summary. You can alternative measures such as SP (Stress Points).

More details:

(Cash Coyne) #73

You guys have been doing a lot of work and adding a lot of features, so Sorry to be a downer here, but why on earth can’t I end a ride AND NOT EXIT? This should be a very simple, quick change. This was requested years ago, yet you guys spend your dev efforts on things that were not even requested!

(Hoi Shan Lung ) #74

Loving the new version of the app so far (great job), there’s just one thing that bugs me a bit. When a fellow Zwifter left me a comment inside my activity, I got a notification, but then they don’t receive any notification after I left a reply for them, so I’ll have to left an other message in their activity instead (which it doesn’t feel like a real conversation).