Zwift Companion Release: April 17 (3.13 iOS, Android)


Great changes, thanks for letting us know, Wes!

I included my Meetup wishes in the Zwift Insider post I just took live. They are:

  1. Late Join
  2. Culled Meetups
  3. Easier Invites
  4. Group Workouts in Meetups
  5. Ranking in Meetups

Ride on!


Hi @Wes,
Great update, keep up the fantastic work. Echoing similar sentiments above, and I think this suggestion maybe better suited for clubs but would also be great for organisers to simply extract the riders data (exact course times, watts, ranking etc.) so our club riders can track their progress. Similar with extracting ftp changes so they can communicate results in a good way. Currently, there is no way to do this.
If a club ride was linked to a race, you could use zwift power, but not sure how if it was a private race?
I feel this would complete the overall experience in a very positive way.
Something for meetups would definitely be late joining and leaders could load a workout for all riders (instead of people uploading themselves). Our workouts are mostly custom ones, so it’s a lot of effort for everyone.
Thanks again for the effort and progress you and the zwift team are putting in. Phil

Great changes, thank you!

#1. Culled Meetups
#2. Late Join

Je voulait allez sur Zwift Companion et ça ne fonctionne plus sur mon téléphone portable mon tel s est du HUAWEI P20 avant ça fonctionner maintenant ça ne fonctionne plus j ai déjà desintaller et réinstaller ça ne fonctionne toujours pas :thinking::thinking:

Thanks Wes
I hope the next updates cover our demands for meetup races with official results in Zwiftpower.
Thanks again


This is awesome.

As others have said top of my list for new options are:

1- Culled meetups
2- Late join.



for me the Meetup results would be a key feature. Our clubs have started to host a weekly race via meetups but getting a leaderboard / winner out is a pain. (2x50 meetups oversubscribed for past 3 weeks, so the increased meetup limit is awesome!)
We’ve asked for a regular race slot, but no feedback yet - I guess there are a big backlog of requests at Zwift HQ due to COVID :slightly_smiling_face: , but meetup results will help us a lot as well.


@Wes I’ve been through the new companion app and there are a couple of routes missing from the options;
Road to the Sky
Jungle circuit

Also agree with the option of joining late say for the first 15mins, I regularly take part in meet ups of 30+ and use the keep together option which when someone misses the start by a minute or so they don’t then get. I would be great if you could late join up to a certain point and still be if it from this.

Also the second feature would to be able to deactivate and reactivate. having this would allow riders to attempt KOMs/Sprints without the effects of keep together and get more accurate times rather than being slowed or dragged up.

Great work as always,
Ride on!



Hi @Jacob_Fuller,

Probably because these are level locked routes :thinking:

Also, when we’ve tried to organize a meetup for Road to Sky earlier, the routing algorithm went haywire and everyone got sent on separate ways from the start :frowning:

Interestingly, it did not happened for route Tour of Fire and Ice (it includes Alpe) only on Road to Sky.

Probably they took it off from meetups for bug hunting.


Hi all, I cannot see how to make a ‘create meet-up’ for myself as a lone rider as mentioned in the Zwift hack in the thread to tick off routes. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

if you could add the positions in the meetup it would be more exciting

Definetly a leaderboard whilst riding and then one at the end, just like races are at the moment on zwift. Alternatively add all riders in same kit as leader as least then stands out who is racing. Also when choosing ride make finish line the same as in game finish line banners like real races


Would love to see a ‘Title’ field for added to the meet up config (as well as description), which then becomes the ride title when uploading to Zwift, Strava etc (as opposed to 'xxxx xxxx [xxxxx]‘s Meet Up’)

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good afternoon
a useful function to add to the Game Company that can be activated and touched on Companion whenever you want, must not be connected to the mandatory WI-FI network. I often encounter this type of problem or even though it is connected to the at-wi-fi on companion it does not go into game mode, tried both with iphone and with android, app always updated.

Another vote for this feature. Now that we’re all riding inside, I would love to try a Zwift meetup out with members of my local cycling club. Similar to an outdoor ride, where we announce it and anyone from the club can show up, it would be great to have a Zwift Meetup link where someone could join the meetup without needing a manual invite every time!


Having issues with organising meetups in that they dont appear in my ride, so i miss the start. All other riders drop in fine but that then meansthey dont stick together without the beacon (me)
tried it twice this morning, both times failed.
Dont suppose its got anything to do with Jarvis on my account?

+1 for late join and also a “rejoin” feature – most of the meetups I do are social, rubber-band affairs, and it stinks if someone’s connection hiccups briefly and drops them. (If the late join covers the entire meetup time, I guess you wouldn’t need rejoin, but I was under the impression that “late” has a limit as to how late.)

+1 for some sort of signup that doesn’t involve following everyone. If the “clubs” will cover this, that’s cool too.

Now, for the crazy idea:
Automatic hill regrouping for no-rubber-band ride – leader sets rally points mid-ride, generally after a summit or a sprint. Group can all pause there without getting dropped for zero power (and anyone who wants to keep pedaling is on a “trainer” like at starts). Leader chooses when to restart (can wait for everyone or not) Or perhaps anyone can press the restart-group button (avoids issue if leader has connection problems). Would be nice for long meetups – want to give everyone a chance to go refill their bottles and take a nature break without being dropped? Etc.


Yeah had that on a road to sky a while back so maybe is an issue, I was always under the impression that the level lock didn’t matter in a meet up. Maybe they will appear eventually, cheers for reply

Great update guys. Welldone but I would like to see too:

  • Waistband route as a regular route and available on Meetup.
  • Group Workouts in Meetup
  • Ranking in Meetups: show the placing during the Meetup and once it finishes
  • Late Join will be great
  • Culled Meetups: hiding all non-Meetup riders would allow to truly track the location of other participants without the distraction of other riders on the road.

Meet ups is terrific. Probably the best feature for a long time. How about increasing the maximum numbers. Long stand sting clubs like Kiss Racing Team can struggle with 50.
Thanks again for this great feature.

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