Meet-ups schedule dates further than 7 days

Annoying to see in current Companion App that you cannot arrange a meet-up that’s further than 7 days away. For example, today is 17th April but the furthest I can schedule a meet-up is 24th April.

Not sure if this has been addressed in new CA release about to drop, but it would be nice to have at least 3-4 weeks notice.

Scenario is that the weekend is tomorrow, and unlikely that any friends or followers could commit to a meet-up at such notice. But I am unable to schedule a ride for next Sunday 3rd May.

When people come out of lockdown, or begin riding more outside, people will want to have further notice of what they’ve got in their calendar, or what they are committing to.

Having a rolling month, gives people enough notice to plan around meet-ups or personal commitments.