Meetups in new Companion App

(Ira) #21

Tried to do a meetup today on Alpe Du Zwift vis road to sky but each time it started it directed our group to watopia hilly route… any ideas why this would be? Rider’s levels play into this? I’m at 15, other two 7 &4

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(John) #22

Hi All,
We’re having issues in the Meetup feature that may have already been addressed. Any help would be appreciated. We are having problems staying together. We are losing site of riders (even though we are only 4 riders). The names of the ‘riders nearby’ on the right side of the screen are so jam packed with so many other riders on the course we spend most of our time staying together instead of enjoying the ride. Are there any plans to add the option to have your meetup group ride on a ‘closed course’ - so we can ride alone? or even to have all your meetup group stay highlighted on the right side of screen so you can easily see how far everyone is ahead or behind -

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(Marko Hlibchuk 🅥 RCC SEA) #23

Any upcoming changes to the meetups? As great as they are, there is so much room for improvement.

Would love to see (currently managing meetups for a team of 300+ riders):

  • A shareable link to provide riders to join a meetup. Manually managing an invite list is too onerous.
  • Allow more people to join a meetup. Especially true if we still need to manually manage an invite list. Nonresponsive people who do not decline take up a valuable spot that could go to someone else.
  • Allow riders to join event 5 to 10 minutes before the meetup. 3 minutes is too short. Some people have gotten confused in the past and tried exiting Zwift and logging back in only to miss the start of the meetup.
  • Allow late joins
  • Turn on the fence!
  • Disable chat for non-meetup riders. The chat becomes confusing when we see other people in our conversation.
  • Have the ability to only see your meetup riders. During very busy times it can be difficult to see who is from your meetup as you navigate through large crowds.
  • Allow the ability to automatically force your meetup riders to wear a certain jersey.
  • Automatically add a team name TAG if applicable.

There are certainly more that others could add to the list, like having a race or group workout meetup.

Zwift HQ folks? Any updates you can share???


(🐰 The [VEGAN] Rabbit🥕) #24

Agree to all of this. There is a lot space to make the meetup quality better. Cheers

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(Andras) #25

Hi All!

First of all, thank you for the Meetup function, it made our life much easier during this winter on the Northern hemisphere with the Group :slight_smile:

Secondly, what we all miss (I mean within the Hungarian group) is the group workout feature and the sweeper position. Fence is already being tested, so I’m looking forward to this function, but group workout feature via Meetup would be a very nice addition!

Yeah, shareable link could be useful, however, we’ve circumvented it with Facebook event sign ups. More work for the organizer, but still, anybody could sign up, than follow the leader in Companion app, than the leader could invite. Although, yes, a shareable link would be easier :slight_smile:

All in all, group workout feature and sweeper -› two useful feature I think for the next Zwift season.


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