This Season on Zwift [April 2023]

Yes, that would be the most sensible idea.

I’m in for the cycling and rowing subscription. =)

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Not spotted a swimming section for the Triathletes :rofl:


As a non-swimmer, Zwift would be the only swimming I could do. =)

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You could “take a bath” on the subscription charges :wink: :smile:

Question from our club, will we be able to load our own workouts while waiting for the event to start like we can currently do with meetups. This is the most requested feature for our group and how we use Zwift.

I don’t think there’s any change to workout functionality whilst in pen Gerrie.


I really hope that is on the roadmap. Having riders doing different workouts is key to our rides.

Our Product team know how much it would help to be able to use custom workouts in Club as well as at the organiser level for public events. Would also shave 20% approx from my workload, so I’d like it too :slight_smile:


Win win. :ride_on:

Isn’t “coffee break” discriminating against cake and beer breaks…:birthday::beers::joy:


I have more of a problem with the wording “take care of business”, as it seems a bit vulgar to me. =)

Edit: explanation in case it’s too much of a regional thing, but in my experience it’s a euphemism for taking a dump.

The bit about needing to be with at least 5 others is a legacy piece of information that we were exploring originally, but have since changed it in testing based on some of the reasons you mention. Looks like we missed this one for the notes.

When Coffee Stop is available, you should be able to use with at least 1 other Zwifter close to you who is also traveling in the same direction.

When you’re alone with no one riding near you, you can take as long as you want for your coffee break! :wink:


Ventop is beautiful- I suspect people hate it because it is hard. They want the easy hairpins of ADZ rather than the constant relentless gradients.

That’s exactly why I prefer Ventop.

ADZ is also more popular because you can access it all the time by choosing road to sky.

Hopefully we can see more of the real life HC climbs now:

Col du Galibier
Col de Bonette


Climb Portal sounds great and all but won’t Zwift face familiar complaints from users who can’t see much of the elevation profile ahead of them?

Where do you ride…LOL (Just joking, we all have our likes and dislikes)

I can’t even watch IRL cycling on Ven Top. There is just nothing to look at. If Zwift made it interesting Like the Alpe I would ride it more. I can’t even get myself to do it in a workout in ERG.

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When I read

Zwift has created a completely new visual experience that gives you the chance to focus on the climb, and enjoy the company of other Zwifters.

I read that as the scenery is just auto generated and nothing special to look at (boring/static).The climbing itself is the main focus.


Will nearby riders be notified/shown that you are taking a coffee break (is this the floating coffee cup icon)? I’d hate for someone to be relying on me riding for 3 minutes and it’s just as I’m ending my ride.

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I hope not. That’s definitely not what I want from my game experience - I might as well go back to riding a trainer while watching a painted wall. =)


Why not releasing a zwift map editor and let the crowd do the work.

Was always a good idea e.g. editing doom wad files, to involve customers. First implemented, as far as I remember correctly, on racing car deconstruction set on c64.