Coffee Stop - Release FAQ and Feedback Thread [May 2023]

Hi Zwifters,

We’re back with another update for you all!

This time, it’s Coffee Stop.

This thread is built to serve two purposes:

  1. House an FAQ explaining what you can expect from the feature, and,
  2. Provide a place to capture timely feedback about the feature.

You can also read all about Coffee Stop in our This Season on Zwift Post.

To ensure feedback is timely and accurate we will be locking this thread 14 days from its original post date.

Let us know what you think and how Coffee Stop is working for you!

Ride On. :ride_on:


  • What is Coffee Stop?
    • Coffee Stop allows you to step away from Zwift for a short time without getting dropped from the group of riders that you have been riding with.

      Some common scenarios that we’ve seen riders use Coffee Stop are: taking a bathroom break, addressing an equipment failure, grabbing a towel that they had forgotten, turning on a fan, having a brief coffee break, grabbing a quick bite, and filling up a water bottle.

      You will have a 30 second Coffee Stop in the first 5 minutes of your ride. After 30 minutes you will unlock a 3 minute Coffee Stop. You will continue to unlock 3 minute Coffee Stops for every additional 30 minutes of riding. Once activated, the duration of the Coffee Stop is all or nothing. If you cut short a 3 minute stop, you will have to wait another 30 minutes to use the next Coffee Stop.

UPDATE MAY 31 2023
As noted on our Zwift Game v1.41 release notes:
When participating in events, the 30-minute timer to use Coffee Stop will now begin when the event is scheduled to start instead of when Zwifters join the pen. Zwifters will still get the 30 second Coffee Stop in the first 5 minutes. Coffee Stop is still not usable in races or other competitive events.

  • When can I use Coffee Stop?

    • Coffee Stop can be used everywhere in Zwift except in competitive events, the final kilometers or minutes of a group ride, or when you’re completely stopped.
  • How often can I use Coffee Stop?

    • You can use Coffee Stop once every 30 minutes, though you get an extra 30 second Coffee Stop in the first 5 minutes of your ride just in case you need to grab something.
  • How does Coffee Stop work?

    • You can activate Coffee Stop from the blue Action Bar in game or in Zwift Companion. When you click the Coffee Stop button, your avatar will automatically pedal for a maximum of 30 seconds or 3 minutes and will ride as fast as the group around it. For example, if you use Coffee Stop while riding with Coco, your avatar will maintain pace with the group for 30 seconds or 3 minutes until the Coffee Stop expires, at which point you will be required to pedal again.
  • How long is the break I get from Coffee Stop?

    • The Coffee Stop break is up to 3 minutes, which you can use every 30 minutes. You also get one extra 30 second Coffee Stop in the first 5 minutes of your ride.
  • Why is it called Coffee Stop?

    • While you may not want to grab a coffee every time you need to use Coffee Stop, we wanted to keep the name fun and Zwifty. It’s your 3 minutes - use them how you need to!
  • What happens when I’m riding solo or away from a large group and try to use Coffee Stop?

    • Coffee Stop is designed to keep you riding at the pace of others around you. If you are by yourself and not near a large group of Zwifters, the Coffee Stop button will be disable. If you are near at least one other Zwifter and you need to activate Coffee Stop, your avatar will join them for the duration of the Coffee Stop to keep you moving until you return, or the break ends, whichever comes first.
  • Can I use Coffee Stop during races?

    • No. Coffee Stop is disabled during all competitive events.
  • Do other Zwifters know I’m using Coffee Stop when I activate it?

    • Yes. When you use Coffee Stop, an icon will appear above your avatar’s head in the same way other power ups do, e.g. the truck or burrito. Your avatar will also stop pedaling and your power will drop to 0 for the duration of your Coffee Stop.
  • What do I do if I get back on my bike before the Coffee Stop time has finished? Can I end the Coffee Stop time early?

    • You can end the Coffee Stop timer early in two ways: by pedaling - like with Pedal Assist - or by clicking the Coffee Stop button from the action bar in game or in Zwift Companion.
  • Do I need to be a certain level to use Coffee Stop? Do I need to unlock Coffee Stop in any way?

    • Coffee Stop is available to all Zwifters of all levels! No need to unlock anything. Just ride and when you need to take a break, hit that button.
  • Do I need to spend drops to use Coffee Stop?

    • Coffee Stop does not require you to spend drops to activate. There is no unlock necessary for Coffee Stop. You’ll have a 30 second Coffee Stop in the first 5 minutes of your ride and then once every 30 minutes after.
  • Is there a way for me to get a longer Coffee Stop?

    • No. Coffee Stop is the same duration for all Zwifters.
  • Is there a way for me to get more Coffee Stops during my rides?

    • No. Coffee Stop is set to once every 30 minutes with a shorter, 30 second Coffee Stop in the first 5 minutes of your ride.
  • I needed to use Coffee Stop toward the end of a group ride and couldn’t. How come?

    • Coffee Stop is disabled in the last 5km of distance-based group rides and the last 15 minutes of time-based group rides. You can use it any other time, though.
  • Do my activity metrics still count for the times I used Coffee Stop during my ride?

    • Yes, your distance, elevation, XP and drops will continue to accumulate during the time you use Coffee Stop and will also count toward the overall totals for your activity. You will notice, however, a drop in your power and heart rate during this time, as your avatar will only be coasting.
  • Where do I see the button to use Coffee Stop? How do I know when I can actually use it?

    • The Coffee Stop button is visible to you in the action bar in game or in Zwift Companion while in the paired state. When you can use Coffee Stop, the button will be blue. When Coffee Stop is unavailable for use, the button will be grey and you will see a message when you click it telling you how much longer you need to wait until it’s ready to be used again.
  • Are you able to take coffee stops during events?

    • Yes. Any non-competitive event will allow the Zwifter to use Coffee Stop. Group workouts are also excluded from Coffee Stop usage.
  • Do you get credit for completing a route/segment if you take a coffee stop while riding the route or segment?

    • Yes.
  • Do you get credit for completing an event if you take a coffee break during the event (eg: Tour of Watopia)?

    • Yes, you will get credit. But you can’t use Coffee Stop toward the end, so no one will be using Coffee Stop to cross the finish line.
  • What happens if you haven’t started riding again by the time three minutes are up?

    • You gradually slow down as you would if you coast and come to a complete stop.
  • Can I use Coffee Stop while running?

    • Coffee Stop is for use during cycling activities only.

Drops don’t accumulate at 0 watts. Is this different while using coffee stop?

I think the intersection piece needs work. If I’m in a pace partner group, I don’t want to get dropped at an intersection.

The FAQ says:

But I’m not sure that’s true about riding alone. Testing it right now, if I don’t have any nearby riders, the Coffee Stop icon is disabled.

I was sorely tempted to use a coffee stop when a rider blasted by me on the radio tower climb during a group ride today, but I concluded this would be considered offensive. Etiquette TBD.

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Updated it to be more accurate. You should have a disabled Coffee Stop button when there is no one within ~30 meters on the same side of the road as you. If you have at least one other Zwifter around, then you can use Coffee Stop.

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They should probably update the vEveresting rules now to account for this new feature.


My video recap and test including my thoughts: Zwift Releases Coffee Stop: All the details!


I tried coffee stop twice today and it didn’t work. Once 35 minutes into a 60 minute group ride and once about 35 minutes into a ride with a RoboPacer. On both occasions I used the icon in Companion and confirmed I wished to go ahead, stopped pedalling and I just drifted back and out of the group.

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Are segment PBs still valid?

Example. Join the fastest robo pacer. Use coffee stop for half the segment, smash the rest full gas. If a coffee stop was used, it shouldn’t be valid for any leaderboards.

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Stop pedaling first and then confirm the pause.


Why is coffee stop not working here?

I think you can have a 30 second coffee stop in the first 5 minutes, then you need to wait until after 30 minutes riding to get a 3 minute coffee stop.

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Steve is correct.

Once you finish a group ride you have to wait 30 mins for the next coffee stop, therefore 45 mins it total.

@xflintx it would be nice if this was reduced to 15 mins after event for those on an AP.

What do you all think?

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So you don’t even get the 30 seconds from minutes 5 through 30? Come on man.

3 minutes should unlock after 5 minutes once there 30 is no longer available.

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We used Coffee Break today during sweep efforts to help riders get back. Off the back riders could use CB to take a break while sweepers accelerated to close on main group faster.


This is probably the most creative way to use the coffee break. :sunglasses:

Been waiting for a push broom this is the next best thing

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