Zwift Academy Makeup Week is October 11 - 25 2021

If you have missed a workout or a recovery ride then you can catch up between October 11 and 25.

How do I catch up on academy workouts that I missed

The Cycling Academy makeup fortnight is between 11 and 25 October. You’ll find the ones that you’re missing there. Look in the Zwift Academy section of these Forums for lots more discussion and information on this topic.

Thats great. Thank you.

You can do the workouts anytime by yourself too, they are in the training/workouts menu. You don’t have to do group workouts to get credit.


Hello, I have a “burning” question. Do I have to complete everything - all workouts and group rides until October 25th to officially graduate? Is the 25th of October the deadline? Can I complete all necessary group rides and after that complete the remaining workouts (using the training/workouts menu)?

No you have to be done with everything.

Did you enroll? Can you see the academy progress in the companion app?

Yes, I did, but only completed the baseline yet. I’ve been told that the zwift academy ends in december. I guess that was about whole academy, not the “road” and that misled me. Anyway, thanks for your help! Ride on :slight_smile:

I have tried for 2 days to find academy makeup workouts. Where do I go? Where is the workout filder? In companion? On app? In program?

Hi @Kay_Deakyne

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The academy workouts is in the Zwift game under workouts.

See this: Zwift How-To: Choosing & Completing a Zwift Workout | Zwift

I do not have a selct workout blue box on my start page. I have world choice or upcoming events

It’s in the training menu



I missed about the idea on ZwiftAcademy. I did not read all about (more not good English) pro contender. But I really want to try to have a little chance they will select me at the top 5. I did two races pro contender etc. But I didn’t read that I need to do advanced base and finish line. I did both on cat D. But I need to do cat B to have a chance for the selection. But what now? They will see a progression so I can’t do this both on a short time? What can I do? :-/

Kind regards

I think there is still time to do them.

You have to do Workout #7 and it’s not available anymore. Which for the rest of us is not a shame.

It was the hardest workout I’ve ever attempted on Zwift. By Far. I was saved from killing myself in the attempt to complete by my internet connection failing for the first time ever. Truly serendipitous…

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Yes, I can do them to the end 25oct. But we need to do first the baseline and than do workouts, recoveryrides etc. At the end finishline. So they can see if you make progression.
Pfff… I didn’t know it that I need to do the advanced (cat. B) and not the other one (cat. D). So that’s why I need to do now base and finishline at the end of the season.
And ofc I make progression… I came from 176ftp to 203 :slight_smile:
Hopefully they will chose me…

What a bike at the end of the road academy 2021??