Recovery stage zwift academy

Hi everyone, did I miss the first stage workout(1) Does zwift have ‘chance’ to recover lost stages? With days of recovery ??

I seemed to have missed it too. And it’s not on the Events schedule anymore.

You can do the workouts solo at any time, just find them under workouts.

ok but i cannot recovery workout stage (1) what is day?

I don’t see recovery workout stage (1)

To graduate the Academy, complete the program’s 8 structured workouts and 4 additional events, which can be 4 Zwift Academy group rides, 4 Zwift Academy races or any combination of them both that equals 4 events between August 5th and September 29th.

Am I missing something.

The Zwift Group ride that I did today is not showing on my progress report, I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem.

Give it a day if it does not show tomorrow submit a ticket.

Workouts are in a rotating schedule. So, I assume after a week of WO # 7 and 8, it will go back to 1 and 2 late August or early September. And they will probably have a week of all rides/workouts/races available. They don’t post the schedule too early.
Take your time and pace yourself. Two months is a long training block. Try to do at least your two group rides this month and maybe save your races for next month.

The progress should update right away but I know there was a known glitch with the progress bars. It is supposedly resolved but give it a few days and if it is still not showing up, submit a ticket to and they can help. As far as missing workout 1, you can find the link to all 8 workouts under the “training” tab under the list for Zwift Academy. If you wanted to do it as a group workout rather than on your own, it WILL come back around on rotation, but the rotation will go through all 8 sessions and come back around. I would recommend just doing the 1st one solo to do them in order… but this is up to you.