Academy credit

anyone else have issue getting credit for recovery rides?

Check out what Sarah LaRocque posted here, and her video: Poor Instruction Around Academy Recovery Ride


Hi Zee

What ride are you not getting credit?

the second recovery ride is different and on a different route.

So doing the first recovery ride twice won’t give you credit for ride one and two.

What route?

The current schedule show Flatland Loop

Ok but why didn’t they number them one and two?
Or place the date range.
I’ve signed up but now I can’t graduate until that ride. Strange.

I completed the second recovery ride (Makuri Island) on Oct 13, it was labeled as a second recovery ride for the ZA, but I have not received credit for it. I have completed all of the other workouts, the first recovery ride too. All I should have left is the final ride to measure my improvement. How do I get the second recovery ride to show as completed?

try this first, close and reopen zwift companion app.
Sometimes it just doesn’t update the completed events.

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Hi @Stan_Watson

You have done the second recovery ride twice. Look for recovery ride #1 it should be in Watopia.

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