No credit for riding in the TDZ Group Ride?

Hi all,

I rode in the TDZ 2020 Stage 3 (Watopia) Group Ride (group B) yesterday at 4:01 PM Pacific Time. It doesn’t appear that I have received credit for having completed this ride. My activity record does not show the timing results in the Zwift Comanion.

I did continue riding after completing the group ride. After crossing the finish line, I stayed on the course in Watopia and started a workout from my plan.

Why does it appear I did not receive credit for completing the TDZ Group Ride? Results on do show me as completing.

Any insight appreciated.


I think it is because you started a workout, if you do back to beck event or workouts you need to close Zwift so that the files get saved with the correct name.

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So am I going to have to do the ride again to get credit for completing it?

You could contact zwift support and ask for kredit. Or you can do it again on one of the makeup days.

You don’t have to ride it again. I looked at your session logs from yesterday and see that you received the Sand & Sequoia badge. I will have our team manually award you the Stage 3 completion after the fact.

Going forward, best practice is to save & upload your ride right after you complete the goal of the session. If you keep going, things like this can happen. Yes - it’s a small PITA, but it avoids an even bigger PITA. :grimacing: