All my races and group rides won't load

Ever since TDZ stage 7 non of my group rides or races will load. At the end of a race/group ride I save as normal but the companion app says activity in progress and eventually changes to activity won’t load. I have now done 7 races/group rides where this has happened. I cannot see the event results and for some don’t even make the results on zwift power. In between all these races/group rides I have done loads of general rides in watopia and the guest worlds without a problem. I have resinstalled zwift multiple times as well as the companion app. There is a number of zwift events coming up that I was looking forward to but as it stands can’t take part. I have emailed zwift support loads of time and if they do respond its only to say they’ve received my email.

They do take a while to reply. And if you email them before they respond, your query goes to the back of the queue!!

Can you point to a couple of events that you were in on Zwiftpower? If you could provide the event ID (the last 6 or so numbers in the url), then we may be able to get a clue.

It does sound like you are having some network issues, or at least symptoms of network issues. If you are on a non-AppleTV you can put your log file on to - that may also provide clues as to what is not working.

Same thing happening to my wife.