Off the MAAP Stage 4 Group Ride - Not registered and activity details won't load


I completed the Off the MAAP Stage 4 Group Ride (shorter route) yesterday (29th Aug) At 16:30 BST. The results for ride in ZwiftPower show I completed it however:

  • Both Zwift’s website and the companion app are showing Stage 4 as not complete.
  • When clicking on the activity in the companion app I get a warning saying ‘Activity details could not be loaded’

In terms of troubleshooting I have tried the following:

  • Restarting Zwift to see if the activity was still in progress and it would upload it. It wasn’t and this didn’t address the issue.
  • I have found what I believe to be the .fit file for the activity (based on the timestamp) however when uploading it to Strava I get the following error message ‘The upload appears to be malformed and we are unable to process it’

How do I go about fixing this? I don’t really want to have to redo Stage 4 tomorrow.



Do it again. Sorry.