Ride reporting broken: Activity details could not be loaded

First, I have to say that Zwift bug reporting is broken too. I tried and tried to report this bug, but this forum seems to be the only way to do it. The auto helper: Powered by Solvvy is broken!!! The bug report screen is blank. How can you improve your product if you can’t even take thoughtful feedback?

I hate not being credited for my sweat. Please fix these reporting problems.

Window 10 bluetooth and Companion App on Android Samsung S5. Wahoo Kicker controller and power, Wahoo Ticker, Wahoo Cadence.

Ride date 1/26/2020. Tour de Zwift Stage 4 Race did not upload results correctly.
Status of ride on Companion App is “Activity details could not be loaded.”

After riding up the 16% grade hill, turning around and going back through the finish gate, the first time, the companion app stopped and ask if I wanted to save. I said yes, not knowing what to do. I continued on to the second part (lap 2, but it’s not really a symmetric lap) of the ride, which was back down the hill to the bottom and then back up the 16% grade hill to the finish. At the finish everything looked okay, so I went to exit and save and did so. The screen stalled at exit/save, so I just left it alone to complete, It eventually exited WITHOUT me killing anything. Nonetheless, afterward it does not appear to have upload the final results. Furthermore, zwift does not show that I completed Tour de Zwift stage 4, even though zwift does show that I rode the course.

I’ve noticed another problem that continues to happen. In general, when in a race that has two laps, the Companion app finishes and exits from the race after the first lap.

Have you tried to use an ANT+ dongle instead of the Companion app bridge?

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Thanks for responding!

I don’t know if it has anything to do with Bluetooth. I’ve had my share of problems with Bluetooth, but I can usually always get devices connected and working. I don’t think the Companion App was acting as a bridge. There was no phone symbol in the Bluetooth symbol area of the main screen.

The issue seems to be that the Companion App thinks the race finished early… at the end of the first lap. This has happened to me 3 or 4 times now; however, Tour de Zwift Stage 4 also asked if I wanted to save and exit at the end of lap 1 (on the Companion App), and there was still one more lap to complete, which I did do (saved on the Companion App and also completed the second lap).

I don’t fully understand, have you tried to ride with out using the companion app. I have not seen the companion app ask to save mid ride.

Yeah. I can ride without the Companion App. I’m just reporting that it’s screwing up, and apparently can screw up the main app from reporting final results. Not only that, but the Companion App didn’t report the 1 lap portion of Stage 4 correctly, I got no credit for Stage 4, let alone second lap.

As I stated before, the Companion App always bails out on the second lap of a two lap race. It’s just broken, and Zwift bug reporting is broken too, so there is no way to report the bug!!!

Can you put the .log file in Zwiftalizer.com and look for network drops.

Hmm. Okay. I’ll do that. May take while. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Let’s see if @shooj can use some of his special tools.

Hi @Jeff_Kirk
Welcome to Zwift forums! First, thanks for reporting that our our chat system (Solvvvy) is acting up. I’ll pass that along to the right folks. I also see you emailed in, and I’m going to assign that ticket to myself (more on that in a minute).

I see some odd stuff on our end so I’m going to ask you to email your log files
Instructions to find the log files are here.
Once you find the folder containing the logs, please send all of them as attachments (there’s like 21 of them).
In your email, ask for Shuji and reference this forum thread.

Having the log files lets us parse what happened on your end and look at details that perhaps didn’t get uploaded to our servers.

BTW, I credited you for Stage 4 of TDZ. That Bologna TT hill was a doozy, wasn’t it?

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Thank you for applying credit for Stage 4. That hill did suck.!!

I’m emailing logs to Shuji and referencing forum [Zwift Forums] [Bugs and Support] Ride reporting broken: Activity details could not be loaded

Attached Zip file are my logs. Log 5 on 1/126/2020 is the one that really screwed up (tour de zwift stage 4), but some of the other logs were 2 lap races also and the Companion App exits after lap 1 on those.

(Attachment Logs.zip is missing)

Hi there Shuji
I have a very similar issue… I just completed my first HERD Racing Stampede ITT and almost lost my lunch doing so. I didnt know it was a non draftable gig and didnt bring a TT bike so I was toast from the beginning. Anyway - I can see the ride on myzwift.com https://zwift.com/activity/573240197446219840
But I cannot open it to upload it to Strava AND its not showing that I was in the race.
This happened on another group workout
I had another issue that the zwift app quit unexpectedly - this has been happening all the time - which was solved by just clicking on reopen.
I poured my heart and soul into that race tonight and I am gutted that I dont get to be on the results pages. So I decided to delete and reload zwift… BUT I did not save my log files!
Is there anything I can still do?
There will be other races and other opportunities but I would really like the ride to be uploaded to Strava.
Many thanks

Have you figured out how to fix this issue? My last 2 runs have the same problem.

Yes, I just had this issue today. Any fix available?