Activity details could not be loaded - on 3 TDZ 2021 rides

Very disappointed in the sudden poor performance of Zwift since 1/22/2021. The “Activity details could not be loaded” issue has now happened on TDZ 2021 Stages 4, 5 and 7, but not the other stages and other rides. In fact, I had over 150 successfully recorded Zwift rides from the same laptop before that point over 3 winters.

All 3 TDZ stage rides with this error went perfect from starting gate to end of ride, save and upload, etc. No problems during the ride, all statistics, screen performance perfect. Per support recommendation, reinstalled the client software on my laptop after the first couple failures, but it still occurs. I have very good bandwidth. on top of this, today’s TDZ Stage 7 totals were shorted and did not load to Garmin Connect either. I had not seen that before.

I noticed a lot of Zwift updates added in that 3rd week of January time period, so it seems something was not tested, pushed to customers and broke something. I have been a Zwift customer for 3 years and feel they may be sacrificing performance and customer satisfaction in favor of revenues.

Member Experience Agent John P. looked this and last responded 1/27 but indicated they see the data on Zwift servers, but all he could do was put in requests for credit - of which none have been done yet.

Had the same issue on Stage 7 Peter, you´re not alone - activity/742111014034497232

Hope that can stil be fixed.

I’ve had the same issue on Stages 7&8. I’ve contacted support to see if they can help.

I’ve just had the same problem with TdZ stage 8 - I’ve never seen the issue before. Hopefully support will be able to fix it, I don’t fancy doing the longer ride again for the credit.


bonjour j’ai eu le même problème sur le 6 et le 8 j’ai refait les 2 donc terminé mais pas de lot de finish rien bon courage

I’ve had this same thing happen to me the last two rides. I’m so bummed. I spent more money than I’d like to think about trying to ride on zwift and this is not acceptable.

hi … im experiencin the same problems…can we upload manually to my strava or garmin?

Follow the link below to download your FIT file below, then upload into whichever app your prefer.