Activity Stuck "In Progress"

I had the following issue when Zwifting this morning: After biking about 20 miles through Watopia, I stopped the ride, saved, and exited as normal. A few minutes later, I noticed that the activity had not synched to Strava so I started to investigate. I opened the companion app (which I had used during the ride) and it stated that the activity was still in progress. The elapsed time even continued to increment. I tried each of the following to rectify the situation.

  1. Re-opened Zwift and started a new activity, then saved and exited as normal. This did not work.
  2. Force quit the companion app and re-opened it. This did not work.
  3. Opened Zwift on another machine, started a new activity, saved, and exited. This did not work.
  4. Deleted the in progress .fit file. Restarted the machine. No luck.
  5. Renamed the activity on the companion app. This worked.


  • Windows 10, fully patched
  • iPhone with the Companion App, fully patched
  • Wahoo Kickr Snap, firmware up-to-date
  • Wahoo Tickr HR monitor, firmware up-to-date

I’m sorry you’re having this issue with your ride activities not saving and uploading properly, and with Companion saying the activity is still in progress. When the Companion app gets in this state, it’s often because of an internet disconnection or a crash during a ride, which will cause the Companion app to think the ride is still going. If Zwift crashes or disconnects during the ride save, that could cause it, too.

I’d like you to submit a support ticket to us so we can investigate. We’d be more than happy to help you!

Ride On!

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I submitted a support ticket for this as requested. In return, I received an extremely condescending email explaining how to check my Internet connection.


I’m sorry that the email exchange with our Support team wasn’t very helpful. May I ask if you’re still having the issue? We actually released a fix for this problem in one of our recent updates, but your report of this issue will further help us in making sure it’s fixed entirely.

Thanks for reporting this to us.

Ride On!

It hasn’t happened again.

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That’s wonderful news. :slight_smile:

Hi @Michael_Simms hael!
Sorry for bothering but I’m having the same situation right now. Can you tell me how did you rename de activity on the companion app. My activities won’t save either on Zwift or Strava

Huge Thanks!

To rename the activity using the companion app, simply select the activity on the activity feed then click the edit button in the upper-right corner (the rectangle with the pencil in it). That being said, I haven’t seen the issue described in this ticket in several months.

Hi. My problem is very similar. But i can not change the name of activity. When i click on it is says: try leter activity is still in progress. I try 8 times diverent workout. i uninstal zwift, erase fit. files. uninstal Zwift Companion…nothig help :frowning: Can you help me?

It thinks the activity is still in progress because of the “” file. Not sure why that file isn’t getting renamed automatically, but you could try renaming it manually.

you think just rename file or do something inside? ( i open it as a notepad but there is only code) . I try the first option rename filie and i will try. THX !! :slight_smile:

It did not help :frowning: :frowning:

Looking at the screenshot, it seems like you made a copy and then renamed the copy. As long as you have a file named “inProgerssActivity” in that directory, Zwift will think that you are still working out. That’s the file that contains all the data associated with the current workout (location, power data, heart rate data, etc.). Once you’ve made sure that there aren’t any files named “inProgressActivity” in that directory, open Zwift again (open Zwift on the computer) and see if that helps.

I rename file and than open zwift and made test workout. Finish, save. ANd the crean is after it. So it create new “in progresActivity” file … so the problem is coming back :frowning:

Hi. Have you managed to ger a fix for this? I have exactly the same issue

Hi Darren. Finaly after 10short test …did not help. I did long ride 35km and when saving i changed name of workout. Than On ZwiftCompanion it was in progres but diferently than bevore when i clik on it, it goes to finish workout ( so about 5-10 min it was in both place).
Than i could rename finish workout…and it (after 20-40min) disapears from :“in progres” i it save it and export on strava and garmin connet. Next workouts… saving goes slowly…but now it is ok

Thanks Marcjusz. My tide today saved properly and uploaded instantly to Strava. There was only one difference… I didn’t use the companion app. I’m going to carry on not using it to see if that helps!

Hello, I have the same issue, but I am unable to rename the activity through the Companion App. Can you anyone help me out please? I am following a strict training program and today was my longest ride ever in Zwift, I really need to be able to check the data with the Garmin App. Thanks a lot

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Please note that I don’t use the Companion App but the Mac App. Thanks

I am also having this issue, I updated the app before the ride and still have this problem