Zwift Activity- Still showing as active

Using Zwift on Apple TV and syncing to Strava For a couple of months With no issues, until today.
At the end of a session I went through the normal save and exit Routine but noticed that the screen froze for approx 30secs.
Then exited as normal, however the details never synced to strava.
When I the. Checked in the companion app I got a warning screen ‘Oops This activity is still in progress. Come back later to check out the details’
I then checked in the strava app and it the fit file is also named activity in progress.
I have closed/restarted and deleted the app but I am still seeing the same problem.
Can you advise how I can close/end this activity?

Thanks in advance

Are you, by chance, still logged into Zwift on some other device than your Apple TV? An iPad or iPhone, perhaps? This can cause issues with saving.

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