Activity not stopped

I completed and ended an activity.  Then closed down Zwift on Apple TV.  The activity is still running, the time can be seen loggin up in the activity log.  How can I log back in to end?

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I have the same type of problem. Saved and exited the activity yesterday on my Windows laptop. Time is still running. Please inform me how to end the activity.

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The activity is still running, now at 5:15!  It is showing in the saved activities as ‘Zwifting now’.

I have noticed that although I can start another activity, and stop it and save it.  It does not save the record in activities in Zwift or upload it to Strava.

Please let me know how to stop the activity.   

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I have the same problem and this has been going on for nearly 24 hours. I cannot start a new ride and save it successfully/ upload to strava etc. It will not show the new activity as zwifting now on the companion app so my mates and other cannot see. I emailled support and they told me to send them my zwift files from ios and my macbook which is just lots of needless hassle. Surely this can be fixed without those as the ride will be on their servers. Not really a good turn around on resolving since I pay nearly 10 a month.  

Michael, thank you for your reply. I will contact them also. Maybe if more people do it, they will find a way to correct this themselves of build a button for users to do it.

Hey everyone,

Just a head’s up that we are investigating this with QA.

Did anyone ever have a satisfactory response to this issue? I have the same problem at the moment.

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I had this issue today. I went into the Zwift downloads folder on my computer and deleted the in progress file. Rebooted the computer and restarted the app on my phone and the problem was solved.

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