I finished a activity, In zwitf companion it show the activity, but in zwift it stay in progress


I want to ask help

I finished an activity, it was upload to strava and zwift companion show the activity like finished, but in zwift application don’t update the cycling stats and badges owned and it show that the activity is still on progress.

how I fix this problem?


Sorry, but I don’t think there is a fix, most likely you will not be able to recover the ride. Somehow a network error prevented the ride to save on Zwift’s servers, and you can’t manually upload the fit file to Zwift.

I have similar problem today, tried on all devices - Mac, iPad, iPhone and AppleTV. In my case it won’t even upload to Strava. Activity is not showing on Zwift page, Zwift companion shows it is in progress. Couldn’t find solution for the whole day today :frowning:

I don’t undersand how zwift companion show the activity like finnished, show the badges owned and when I open zwift application the activity is not there…
anyone of zwift team to open my account and solve this?

thank you

You could submit a ticket but experience would say it’ll not be something they’ll resolve for you.