Cannot access my recent activity, lots of bugs!

I completed a ride earlier today and it didn’t upload to Strava. I checked my recent activity on the companion app and it said ‘Ride in progress’.

I then checked the ride on my feed (zwiftDOTcom/feed) and can see the ride there.

But when I go into the activity, the page just keeps loading (The dev console does show a JavaScript error.

When I go into the the Email files area on my iPad, I can see a file, and my FIT file from earlier there but when I select it to email it and press ok, it does nothing…

This is seriously frustrating and I just don’t trust Zwift to not save my rides now.

Any suggestions on how to get my FIT file?

P.S Why do the forums give me the option to upload images, but then won’t let me submit my question as I have included an image??


Hi, Keith!

That sort of issue with an activity generally indicates that you may be logged into Zwift on more than one device. If you have logged in on multiple devices make sure you have correctly exited Zwift on all of them.

As for not being able to upload images, that would indicate that you have not posted to the Forum a sufficient number of times. Preventing images for new posters is a method of preventing spam.

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