Cannot Access Activity to download a file for Strava

I have an activity that did not upload to Strava. I used apple TV. I can see the activity on zwift and zwift companion but when I click the link to see the activity details and download a file to upload in Strava, I get a blank page. Other activities show up. I don’t know what to do since the ride was a apple TV.


You are not alone in this. I experienced the same a couple of days ago, doing an iTT in Watopia, then did another ride that uploaded normally, and then again today riding DZR Sunday Race, my activity is not uploaded to Strava.
Neither of those two rides are accessible to view on Zwift activity list either. I can see them in the acivity list, but if I click on them, I get an empty page.
But as with you, they are both visible on Zwiftpower.
I am also using AppleTV.
My activty list /eu/athlete/c0b7d812-a1c5-4a1e-91aa-cac2e4bb177c
My “bugged” activities are 866463541618458080 and 865160175929826272

Possible duplicate of this known issue:

Same with me, can see I done rides on companion app but not loading cadence heart rate etc and not uploading to strava. Very annoying for the price you pay!!

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I finally saw the other thread where zwift is aware of the problem with no work around at the moment. I hope they fix it soon. Very disappointed.