Activity not saved correcty, broken on Companion app and web, failed upload to Strava

I have this activity that did not upload to Strava (was the first symptom that I noticed). I was able to use the fit file and upload it manually, which means I lost the photos, but that’s fine.

What is weird is that the activity display pages are broken. On the Companion app, most of the page doesn’t load (the interactive map, zwifters I rode with, etc are missing), and the same happens on the web.
Attached are the snapshots that show what is displayed. I can still see images and totals on the feeds.

On the feed page, the activity shows as normal (It’s the first one, Coastal Crusher):

Once you click it, the URL shows we’re on an activity page, but the page finished loading with nothing to show for it.

I would expect something like this (what I see if I click the second activity on the feed):

On the Companion app it’s the same. I can see it on the feed:

But the activity is missing a lot of info:

Can this be fixed somehow?
Either way, thought I should notify you guys.
One more note - zwift was not updated to the latest version when this happened (it auto-updated later on). At the time I was running last week’s version.