Race results not shown in companion app

Hi all,
Recently started on Zwift and its pretty addictive. Especially the races are a lot of fun, however: when i join an event, the results are sometimes shown in my companion app at activities, and sometimes not… Anyone knows how this works? Why is it sometimes registered as an Event including results, and most of the time registered as just an activity / ride ?


Welcome to Forums @Hielke_Schurer. This is Juan from Zwift. Thanks for using this space to share your doubts. I appreciate your valuable enthusiasm for Zwift.

There are a few reasons why you may or may not see race results, such as.

  • You’re logged into Zwift on multiple platforms.

  • Your Zwift session didn’t save and upload to our servers correctly. Check out this article for more info.

Regarding your last question, uploaded activities will appear either as an event (including results) or as an activity, depending on the type of ride you took. Please refer to this article

If you find this information generic or want to drill down into this matter. Please do not hesitate to zwift.com/contact-us. Keep in mind that the more details you share, the better we can help you. For instance, if you are searching for a specific event, you can share the event ID. The event ID is located at the end of the page address in Zwiftpower.

There is also a difference between events that are Group Rides (no results seen in ZC app but you can find it in ZwiftPower.com) and Races (results are always shown unless Zwift crashes before saving an activity).

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Almost certainly your last race didn’t save correctly. You were in a race, you finished the race and you appear in the race results of other riders.

If you wish to review the results of your races in the future, especially your league performance in Zwift’s monthly race series, you might wish to consider signing up to ZwiftPower.

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Thanks a lot for the response! I registered at Zwift Power, but the answer of Ian was what i was looking for. I completed a race, but couldnt see any results. But probably Zwift was active on two devices, and therefore something went wrong with uploading.
Lets see if get to see my results in the future if im only logged in on one device :+1: Thanks!!