Add missing wattage columns to our ZP Activities

Can the same ZP columns that exist for Events be added to our personal Activities pages? Any reason they were left out in the first place?
especially these columns:

No, sorry.

Personally I don’t see any value in activities showing in Zwiftpower in the first place.


Now that category enforcement is related to your power across all your activities isn’t it useful to see your power details for all your activities in ZP? I mean ideally it would be your CP/MAP values as well.

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You’re talking about a pretty significant change on the platform to give you information you can already see elsewhere.


I understand that, but I also think moving to CE - a model using all your activity power instead of just event power - is a pretty significant change, so in my opinion it’s not a bad thing to push for :slight_smile:


If there’s a reason people have eg. Strava to look at the same type of metrics, why have people have to leave the Zwift ecosystem to see their Zwift data?

It’s just bringing the same functionality that’s already been built by ZP to the activity page also.

Because Strava does a awesome job with data analytics and Zwift with giving you a place to live.

Each have their strength and there is no reason for duplication.

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The free version of strava does not give the type of power detail you see on ZP. It might be in the paid version, but I don’t think you should have to pay for another service to see your zwift activity power breakdown.

The Elevate add on to Strava is free with that type of information.



Yes, and ZP does it too, but decided for some reason to not provide on the Activities page. Again, why suggest now a 4th party plug-in to a 3rd party app, when Zwiftpower has already demonstrated and built the ability to do this? And, in a very nice chart format that shows multiple rides’ data in an easy to compare format.

As these discussions typically go, I’d ask what the downside is to either Zwifters or Zwift?


I agree with John.
I use pace partner rides as a workout.
I agree with James, the Zwift Power site should be reserved for hard rides - races and work outs.
I see little value in adding most group rides while excluding Pace Partner rides now that we are using CE,
Of course, some major group rides, such as ToZ and ToW are group rides / uncategorized races and they should be listed.

By the way, the uncategorized aspect of these mass group rides / races seem to be widely enjoyed - no sand bagging possible by definition and no group ride fences or flyers also by definition.

I believe the Activities page was not given these extra columns because ZwiftPower was never meant to replace Strava or other services for analyzing your own performance data and all of the data in those columns has to be calculated on the servers since the fit files are just raw data

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Thanks Lucas,
My thought here though is that for the new Category Enforcement system which uses data from any or all activities, perhaps Zwift is capturing/calculating all of this data anyway so as to know it’s using the most relevant data in determining every Zwifter’s CP for correct cat placement?

And as @SeattleSauve mentioned, it’s even more important that riders have better clarity into their own historical performance in hopes of having a better understanding as to why they’ve been placed in the Cat they’re in.

I’m not suggesting ZP “replace” Strava. But I do imagine there may well be a lot of Zwifters who don’t even own or use Strava. Whatever ZP’s original purpose was, since ZP exists, already has the reporting, webpages, and functionality built, why not extend its scope a bit?

John, I think every activity in Zwift will be logged and analysed by the Category Enforcement calculator. So, all your Zwift data is relevant as far as CE is concerned; it doesn’t pick and choose.

Or, in a roundabout way, are you asking for Zwift to somehow highlight/flag which particular activity has triggered an upgrade if it occurs? Because I think something like that might open a whole new can of worms?

I think some degree of opacity might be a good thing here? Anything that discourages riders from “managing” their power profiles specifically to avoid an up-cat has got to be a good thing, surely?

No, I’m not suggesting anything so sinister. It’s very simple, I’m just asking that the same reporting that already occurs on every event, whether it be a training, ride or race event, also exist for other activities – eg. the mentioned rides with Pace partners or solo rides.

Anybody so invested and desiring to really attempt to manage their profiles will already be likely to also have a Garmin or Strava account to do this. This is just about adding ZP functionality and adjusting the appearance of one of their tabs (Activities) to emulate the profile tab.

the thing is we shouldn’t need a 3rd party to be able to see metrics that zwift has for every single ride we do but wont show you them for some reason

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Thanks for the clarification John.

I hope I didn’t imply that you are on some kind of personal cloak and dagger crusade :sunglasses:

If the guy who runs elevate can do it as a Strava plugin in addition to his day job, im fairly certain Zwift could hire a temp or even him to implement it for Zwift.

Though ive always found it strange how Strava dont really monetize all the data they have -
You have run X miles, lets throw some new shoes adverts at them
You added a race to your calendar, here’s some training plans or events before \ after to help you prep.

It would be nice to have all the data in Zwift, but where do you want Zwift to spend the effort, building new roads and improving the game or redesigning Strava or Garmin connect or Goldencheetah.
For me I would personally have them work on the game the thing that I spend most of my time on and the thing that make them different.

If you are really interested in data then Zwift power is also not enough so at some point you need to decide what is the core business.