Zwift Power Data Not Including Post-Event Riding?

In a couple of recent rides, I’ve done events as a warm-up then continued the ride and done hard intervals afterward (without ending ride).
I can’t find anything in ZP that includes this data, nor does it appear in my ZP Power Curve; am I missing something, or is that simply how event data is processed. It’s not important - I’m just curious.
(For example, I did a Rapha Festive 500 ride then did a VO2 max workout afterward without stopping. My best 5 minute power from the last 90 days was in that ride, but it doesn’t show in ZP Power Curve for me.)

Zwiftpower’s purpose is to records events.

It’s purpose isn’t to record non-event mileage.

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Perfect; thanks.

True, but the somewhat inexplicable fact is, each activity still shows up in Zwiftpower in each person’s Activity section, and ZP has the data and the FIT files. It seems arbitrary and strange that ZP doesn’t have the same table/view for Activities as it does for events, nor incorporate that data into our Power curves (especially given that CE is now based on any potential activity).