Zwiftpower History, Activities, Power curves and CE

In an upcoming CE race today (one of the herD beginner ones), notice a few riders per ZP are all 0s in wattage – mostly because it appears their last events were over 90 days ago I think. Likewise, looking at any of the 0 value entrants’ Power tabs, it’s blank. And there are no Activities tabs – is this normal that Activities tab doesn’t show in ZP for anyone other than for yourself?

I guess I thought, but evidently incorrectly, that lack of applicable history in last 60 days, meant CE default category had to be E ? Not the case?

Yes you can’t see other people’s activities.

You saw no organised group, event or race history in ZP but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some 60 day activity in free ride or with Robo Pacer.

Correct. That’s why I asked about the general “Activities” not being shown. I presume there’s a reason for that despite opting into some amount of data sharing when registering for ZP.
I presume likewise Power curves aren’t shown for an individual if there wasn’t an actual event?

Does CE though require a minimum duration of activity (eg. 20 minutes) to avoid E categorization?

My understanding, which might be wrong, is any 2min+ effort will give you a provisional pen allocation after time away.

You won’t be able to save a sub 2Km session to view afterwards, but any ride you do will be recorded at ZwiftHQ.


John - for herD Beginner Racing, I’m actually perfectly fine with people with ZERO ZwiftPower history entering, going hard, and ending up as a C in short order. I’m advertising these as a gateway to racing - I expect there are going to be a few who have never really pushed themselves as hard as they might in a race.

Hi Craig,
I don’t disagree. It seems it’s just the way things are. I think a number of them were snowbirds (disappearing from Zwift during the warm months :slightly_smiling_face: and just now reappearing as we get into the fall season

I was though surprised in my event, to see on Zwift something like 76 entries, 60 people showed while racing as having started, and ZP only ended up with 30 results. This is something I think could use improvement. Not sure exactly how though. In a separate thread, I think I expressed my surprise/dissatisfaction with DNFs not showing up anywhere.

All of this is completely non-specific to your race series, which I think is great in principle, but I think could be helped by some reinforcement of ZP enrollment benefits, as well as Zwift involvement in classifying or at least quantifying DNFs in their race events.