Inscription Zwift classics

Hi guys,

I don’t see at all what I might have done to not be able to join the C race at the next Zwift classics.

Numbers of my last race
20min 5min 1min 15sec
3wkg 3,5wkg 4.9 8.4

So real c numbers.

It is so frustrating and stupid as it is a 7 weeks race!!! Such a west of time. I absolutely wanna end it.

Do you have an answer ? Is there really nothing to do?


This probably means Category Enforcement (CE) thinks you belong in the B category. Category Enforcement looks at all of your rides on Zwift, not just races. The information used by Category Enforcement is not visible on ZwiftPower (or anywhere else) so it’s normal to be confused by this. If you ever play with your weight in the game, that can affect your category. Read the first post on this thread:


Your Power Curve has almost a flat line from 5min (280W) to 10mins (273W)…and because of this most likely your CP is calculated at around 255W and that would give you 3.22W/kg.

I get excluded of the league because MAYBE i would EVENTUALLY reach 3.22wkg based of a stupid hypothetical calculation? Are you serious?
Guys, let people play!!! We pay, we want the races to be fair, but this is not being fair, this is bothering people arbitrarily. Your hypothesis would make the lowest B ever. I have done all kind of efforts and have never reached is a year the number you are talking about. F** off! I invested money, time, energy and family organisation to do this league at the right moment all summer. Now i will stop paying and go on another platform. This is absolutely disgusting and discouraging. WHY?!

Only Zwift knows exactly why you got upgraded. Community comments are just an educated guess. You’re not a lower B than I am. I never enter events with category enforcement enabled. I assume that’s true for many people who are ZwiftPower C category but pushed into B by category enforcement.

And after 2 years I start understanding that Zwift is… Nobody.
No matter the issue, you only get to talk with people “not responsible” and never able to solve the least thing. Very disappointing.

I’m a paying customer just as you are and trying to help you understand how the Category Enforcement works.
I also have a really simple solution to your problem. But with that attitude you really don’t deserve my attention. See ya


The new season of ZRL will be starting 4 weeks and won’t be using CE, that might be a good fit for you.

My apologies. It was not against you. Thanks for helping. I am just really angry against Zwift.

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Sure. I use to do this league from the very beginning and I shall enjoy for sure.

Hi Samuel, “Nobody” here! In the last 90 days, you have managed to hold over 3.2 w/kg for 20 minutes which will be why the system has designation you as Category B.

We hold an estimated CP for you of 266w, which is based from your 2-50 minute power curve. This comes to 3.367w/kg which correctly places you in B.

I understand that this doesn’t not reflect your 90 day averages in ZP (although your listed FTP in ZP is actually 4w higher), however this system works differently to give a fairer indication of what riders are capable of.

I’m sorry you weren’t able to complete the series in C, but congratulations on your upgrade.


Thanks for replying and make it (a little little bit) cleared dear James.

And yet, last wednesday I was allowed to ride in C. I did 2.8wkg average and 3wkg on 20min. And since than, i am kicked out. I hope you realize that it seems that “the system” wakes up arbitrarily and without logic, for punishing people who want to have fun and pay for it. I don’t find it acceptable, even for the social side of Zwift.

And how long am I punished? Is there a way to know?

Thanks again,
Very nice to be able to talk!

Hi Samuel,

I don’t think it was your last event - I think it was the one before (the system only updates once every 24 hours.

On that event you did 3.22w/kg for 20 minutes

Given that the category enforcement model currently uses an absolute watts value of 3.2 (this will change to 3.36) to promote into B, it has you in the correct place.

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Thanks for replying.

255w/20min x 79kg × 95% = 3,09.
But ok I understand better with the 24 hours delay.

Still a big shame that we don’t know the rool of the game before playing.

Curious to see if all the guys of the league will live the same disappointment.

That’s why I said that it uses absolute (exact, no 5% nonsense) limits for the categories - but the limits will be increased by 5% to make ZP and CE the same.

Your 3.367w/kg will still be over this boundary, which I believe is related to your high 10 minute power,which then drops off quickly.

This issue with leagues should be taking in consideration for Category Enforcement or there would be no incentive to keep improving. Going from C to B in the current state of Zwift is a punishment.

A ranking, we are requesting this since 2015, and the whole people signed in the event distributed in A B C and D.

A ranking. Like all other games have, you start as Bronce league and if you are winning you are being promoted to Silver and so on. You start losing or no participating in events and you are being downgraded.

Fixed limits just don’t work, so many years with the advantage for 100kg and 330w ftp in C. And now again advantage for some riders. And we are not going to talk about advantage of powermeters against smart trainers (peak of watts vs normalized wattage).

A Zwift ranking, can’t be that hard!

Sorry if my post seen harsh,.should not, it’s no my native language. I do love Zwift and completely reshaped my life towards health.

Public fixed limits didn’t work and secret fixed limits won’t work either.


Not different at all to mid season upgrades in any other series.

I’ve already mentioned a few thousand times we’re moving towards results based categories. You will just need to be patient.


I understand what you are trying to say but if you look at for instance Samuel’s results he has been on the podium for every race since May so even with a ranking system he would be moving up.


I’ve seen you say this a few times and bitten my tongue so far but it seems to reflect a simple misunderstanding about the systems.

CP is slightly different conceptually from FTP, but both of them basically aim to estimate sustainable aerobic power, using a slightly different methodology and definition.

CP is often a little higher than FTP for a given athlete, but ZP’s FTP estimate and the estimate of CP used by the CE system will not be made the “same” by removing the 95% factor in the threshold, and the 95% factor is not “nonsense” in any reasonable understanding of the system. The 95% factor simply relates to the fact that FTP is commonly approximated as 95% of a rider’s 20 min power. CP is not an estimate of 20 min power and a CP of 3.36 is not the same thing as an FTP (estimate from ZP method) of 3.2.


It looks more like a fudge-factor approach to reduce the number of complaints or bemused enquiries regarding CE versus ZP categorization.