Stuck in pace group E despite recent races?

I’ve done 4 races in the last 3 weeks (after taking a six month break from indoor riding) but I’m still stuck in group E and have no assigned zpower rating? How do I get out of E? Of my 4 recent races, two were short ones that lasted less than 20 minutes - do I need three recent events of at least 20 minutes to get assigned a category? I should be a B based on my current weight and power.

How long were the longer races? One ride should be enough to give you a category.

Have you tried clicking on Refresh Profile in ZwiftPower? If you look for your pace group in your profile on what do you see there?

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Longer ones were a little over an hour and 25 minutes

Refreshed and still pace group E and no zFTP

Don’t look at ZwiftPower for this info since it’s not authoritative. It’s reading from another source, so you can go directly to that source by going to and looking at your profile. Does it say E there as well? If so there is either some kind of bug or your activities aren’t saving properly (in which case contact support).

Paul - did as you suggested - says not enough recent data to assign category. Also, when I look there, none of my recent races are there but they are on power? I don’t save them usually - thought they uploaded even if I don’t save them?

Yeah if the game records the activity successfully, it shouldn’t matter to Category Enforcement if you choose to discard the activity. It sounds like there is a real problem and should contact support.

Thank you for your responses

Good advice to contact support. I notice that your ZCA ride information for past 7 days and 30 days is zero. Possibly, but not sure, this might be connected to still being logged Into another device from your last ride in July. Do you use any other device with Zwift?

I always just use my laptop.

Did you use a different email address or something when you came back to Zwift recently? Almost sounds like your activities aren’t being recorded under your profile.

Same email. Strange because uploads to zwiftpower but not regular zwift.

This 100% sounds like you’ve got two different Zwift accounts on the go inadvertently.

How do I check to see if I have 2 accounts?

I found 9 William Thompson in Companion app.

Craig may be correct but I suspect you don’t have two accounts, certainly not under ‘William Thompson’ (I checked that first) but of course you could have used a second account under a slightly different name.

You can check which (if you do have two accounts) your recent rides are going into by looking at the ZCA activity reports from other people who were in same race as you (other categories will do) find your result, click on it and it takes you to your account.

I have done that and results (two I checked) take you to what I assume is your main account.

When you are riding do you use the Zwift Companion App? If so does everything show up correctly on the ZCA when you are riding. Can you try saving the ride using your ZCA [ not that I’m really sure what that will achieve/prove but possibly worth a try] instead of saving ride on laptop.

I suspect Support may be best way to go unless one of the Zwift team see this thread and can help.

Thanks for the tip - checked all the companion names matching mine - I only have one account - none of the others are me.

All races since 1/24/23 have a green lightning at zwiftpower - means fit file cannot be processed. Are your activities set to private?

Your name at ZP is william thompson 4652 - here in forum william_thompson_465 - ???

Just guessing, no idea, sorry!