Zwift Power not showing some column calculations (NP, 20m, 5m, etc)

I participated in a race:

ZWIFT CLASSICS - Rund Am Innsbruck (Americas East) - C6
zwiftpower com/events.php?zid=2242815

I’m listed in the results, but I don’t see all of the columns filled in (it’s been about 36 hours since the race). Most other racers’ values are calculated, though there are two others that aren’t.

They are at least partially “calculable”, however. For instance, it’s a 49 min race where I average 224 watts (I know, right? Watch out :roll_eyes::wink:), yet there’s no reading for 20m. It would have to be at least 224/clydesdale = 2.276w/kg, right? And that’s stronger than anything else I’ve recorded; I’d want that (and future improvements?) to be part of my ZwiftPower for upcoming races.

I had a heart rate monitor and I’m riding a smart trainer. I’ve also had results calculated on other rides. So I’m not sure what’s up.

Why wouldn’t I have any calculations? Is there something on my end that needs to change?

Did you save this as a private activity perhaps? I believe that can impact this.

Hrm. It was followers-only. If that’s it, though, it makes me wonder how the other activities made it in. I haven’t changed any settings, well, in the last six months at least, I don’t think.

I set it to public to see if that makes a difference.

EDIT: Pretty sure that’s not it. I went back and checked a ride that did have those values, and it’s Followers too.

The lightning icon is still green which usually means ZP is still working on things.

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Sure enough, it’s up now. Guess the green arrow was the key. Not sure why it’d take so long to crunch the numbers, or why it’d take longer to do mine than others’, but it looks like it was still crunching away.


Happening to me too… No changes to any settings. Just not appearing… see screenshot below

And this is happening with my workouts. Is there something I am supposed to be doing? Zwift Academy with no stats? Any thoughts are appreciated. This only seems to be happening with workouts.

I’ve worked out that if the activity is not public, the file cannot be read. So make sure it is public.

There’s also a way to try and load, or re-load, the file manually. Click the Analysis link, and see if you see the activity in question, and link it again to the file, after you have made that activity public.

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Thank you. I’ll try that. Just so weird that it is only with workouts.