20m statistics have disappeared in ZP

Hey, any clue what could cause the the 20m w/kg stats to disappear suddenly…
I had them until I did a Tiny Race series today, and those, obviously don’t have any 20m stats, but this caused that rest of my races also lost them…

Click on the Columns button at the top of the list of events on your profile and make sure 20m is ticked. This menu can be used to set what you see and don’t see in the columns.

Yea, the column is enabled, the … values are just gone:

Write to zwiftpower@zwift.com

thanks, will give it a try.

On the far right of that screen is a little grey document icon which shows your .fit file from the events. It looks like Zwiftpower is only reading the first 6km of each event for you. That would explain why there is no 20 minute power number (I don’t see your 20 minute power numbers either). It doesn’t explain why Zwiftpower is only reading 6km of your events and why it’s just happening to you.

So yes, follow Paul’s advice to email Zwiftpower unless someone else can chime in and explain why Zwiftpower is only partially reading your .fit files.

the tiny races are 5-6 km each, you see the others are normal 16-20.

But, I noticed I I go check my power curve - all the data ends at 10 minute mark.
for example in the Zwift Crit Racing Club - Volcano Circuit CCW - if I compare myself to another racer:

(I’m the black one, almost like all files stopped reading at 10 minute mark as well)

I sent a mail to zwift as well now, hopefully will find something.

Maybe on Windows with OneDrive or other cloud storage software managing the Documents directory? But if they were present for a given event in ZwiftPower and then went away, that sounds like a ZwiftPower problem.

nah, should not be the case - I’ve been playing via Android. (still trying to figure out a nice way to get remote connection from my pc to the screen in front of trainer)

I can try pulling the fit file from zwift (for the older race) and see what’s there…)

yea, seems like the files themselves have the data at least.
pasting the start and end of the race (it’s 1.8k records overall…)

and the duration shows 30 minutes

Yeah my idea was baloney, if the fit file were truncated the distance would not be complete either

I didn’t look at the Tiny Races. I only looked at the longer ones.

The 28 minute long Stage 5: Lap it Up for example only shows 6km of data:

yea, likely the tinyraces somehow caused that… rest of the events are also reading just a small amount…

maybe it’s related to the low amount of races I have (I just started …3, 4 weeks ago and, started doing the races only last Sunday → and realistically the TP races are half of all of my races… some weird rounding occurring? :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe it’ll fix itself as well if I do some regular races.

Same issue here. It happens randomly, but about 20 or so of my more recent races have completely jacked data results. They seem accurate at first and then update with odd info. From what I’ve seen, it does not ever correct itself. Furthermore, it also seems random as to who it affects. I see me and a few others in some of the events I’ve done affected, but not all. Kinda irritating, as this is the place I use to compare my historical efforts. Seems to have started happening in the last 4-6 months or so. Come on Zwift, get it together. Huge supporter of the platform, but seriously?!? If anyone from Zwift headquarters wants to reach out, I can provide event details and back up data from Strava to support the massive discrepancies.

Maybe helps if you also send a mail to the zwift email address listed above.

I think this is not a case of data lost - if I now download my data from zwift, all of the race data is still intact in the fit files, and in zwift companion etc. it all looks still fine, including the 20 minute data.

But yea, it would be great to see it properly in zwift power as well.

Hey, for me the stats returned now as I joined a beginner herd group ride →

except… now that I see, it’s missing still the distance, maybe once it’s … ‘processed’ it’ll break again (last time it also broke only after a while, once all the columns started getting populated with data)

Actually, I also now got a mail that zwift checked my data and fixed it as well, so… Maybe my ride did not fix it :slight_smile:

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