20min power missing


ZRL race #5, lots of 20min power were not analyzed and it seems to be done doing so… I was wondering if there was a way to get it done, a hard reset or something, or what I could do to prevent this in the future? Seems to be related to Live file vs Fit.File but activity is already public by default…

zwiftpower. /events.php?zid=1686777

Thank you!

Zwiftpower/Flint made a comment early on in the “missing stats” ZP issue discussions that a lot of the issues were relating to WTRL events (but not solely) so I think you are on the money with your assumption that its the same root cause.

I’d still drop an email to zwiftpower@zwift.com so that when they do get a fix, they can look to see that the resolution has fixed these particular results though.

13 riders without 20mins data, even tho the timing states they spent more than 20mins on the race.

Does it have anything to do with the lead in, or is it a bug/delay?

I even held back in the sprint to make sure I was well over 20mins, but clearly not.

Appreciate it.

A biiiig delay.

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