Missing 20min average on ZwiftPower

I am missing my 20min average from a recent race. The race itself was over 20min and the results screen at the end of the race gave me a 20min average. Is there a way to fix this on my results in ZwiftPower?

Green bolt = fit file not processed!
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Currently it is public (I can see it in Companion) so unless Jeff changed the privacy setting recently then it’s something wrong with ZP.

Some odd things happening in ZwiftPower.

If you look at his Power Curve for the ride it stops short of 20 minutes, yet race results in Zwift Game and ZwiftPower show a time over 20 minutes.

I’m seeing quite a few racers, coming to this forum with ZP analysis issues, who appear to have quite a few drop outs to zero for power and HR on the ZP ride analysis, as in this case.

I wonder if these dropouts add up to enough time to mean recorded activity was less than 20 minutes.

I wonder if downloading the .fit file would identify how many minutes & seconds are recorded. Does that actually matter if .fit file has not actually been used by ZP?

i don’t remember the exact details, just a vague mention on it from someone involved in the site once, but if an effort is close to 20 mins, either side as iirc certain events are supposed to have the ability to round up like a bologna itt or a crit city event, it doesn’t always count for whatever reason. i want to say it’s something to do with the route start/end points not aligning with the ingame timer exactly but my memory takes pretty crappy photos

i’ve seen some strange stuff happen with normalised power on zp recently where i haven’t previously, with not much insight as to what causes that.

edit: i see there is some planned maintenance coming up, maybe it’s being addressed

Zwiftpower has been pretty slack lately. Lot’s of rides not being processed.

I wonder if everybody late joining Big Spin rides is messing things up at Zwiftpower’s end.

I did 3 rides last night.

Late joined a Big Spin ride (which got a blue bolt so it’s processed) except it gave me a 20 minute figure which I didn’t do.

Then did a full Zwift Games race (green lightning bolt, so indicates that the fit file has not been processed) but the 20 minute figure is the exact same as the false 20 minute in the Big Spin ride. 5 out of the 13 finishers still have green bolts.

Then the third ride was another late join Big Spin ride, green bolt, no 20 minute power (as expected).

I’m wondering if OP did his two rides on that day consecutively? It might be that ZwiftPower was able to process the group ride but not the race because they are one fit file and ZwiftPower doesn’t know how to separate them? Because the race is so close 20 minutes in length the live data ZwiftPower uses for unprocessed results (which is what the green lightning bolt indicates) means it didn’t get a 20 minute value.

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