Missing activities for wokouts, meet ups and most zwift spins?

Hi guys,
Im missing most of my activities on Zwift Power, it has no record of my ftps , workouts, most spins, meets up etc… I have opted in to all and have a verified account, please advise
thanks Nessa

they are not showing up under activities!

Hi @_Roch3059

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Look under Activities if you see your rides after enrolling in to Zwiftpower.

You will have to manually update your FTP.

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I have already manually put in my ftp, but my ftp test spins etc are not showing up under activities , only two spins so far are displaying under activites whilst have completed at least 4 plus spins a week this year

Zwift power won’t show activities before you joined Zwiftpower, only new activities. You can click update activities.

I joined zwift power last February

As in 2020, so it should have over a year of activities i think!

Are your activities set to public?

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Yes I set them to public the other day to see if that would work , however my sessions are still not showing up

I believe ZP is not going to load your old activities once more.
But at this moment there are so many problems with Zwiftpower, it seems to be more or less not usable…

Yes I know that but my new activities are still not showing up… that is the issue at hand

You can go to your ZP profile, activities, update activities. It will show only activities set to public, not private and followers!
If there are no activities showing after updating, try to send e-mail - zwiftpower@zwift.com, with link to your profile.