ZwiftPower update [November 2020]

Race ranking points displayed in Zwift Power don’t seem to updating nor listed in results. With Zwift taking over Zwift Power not sure who can address the issue.


Noted in a few threads Bob, notably this one that @Flint_McInnis has acknowledged plus others floating around the place.

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I sent Ziwift a quick email.

It is used much more extensively than you seem to realize. It is a core feature


Fit files have stopped processing on Zwiftpower - a lot of ZRL results from Tuesday still haven’t been updated for FIT file data.

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Update Nov 19 20:15pm UTC

Wanted to relay news on progress we’ve made today

  1. The annoying captcha with the “maximum allowed login attempts” message is resolved. You know - this thing:

    Logging in should be easy again.

  2. We’re working now on the rankings-not-updating bug. Hope to have that resolved soon.


Thanks for the update @Shuji_Sakai

Looking forward to a more stable ZwiftPower and faster.

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And FIT files not processing? Are they backlogged or is something broken?

We’ve been fine-tuning the live data stream during the popular WTRL races. This clustered server can handle higher loads, so today’s broadcast event ended up running much more smoothly than was possible on the old server.

This is a big win. There’s a lot of work left to do with ZwiftPower, but let’s take a moment to appreciate this big step forward.


Thanks for the update, @Shuji_Sakai. Compared to the last couple of weeks or so re ZP is that we’re now getting some information from you Zwift guys about what’s going on. This makes a big difference, and I look forward to hearing more.


Never used to have to wait until the following day to see my race metrics. I thought it was meant to be faster now?

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The transplant patient was revived on Monday and is standing on its own feet today.

It’s going to take a little time before we can get it to dance:

We appreciate your patience.


We’re investigating that one still.


My racing points have appeared. Thank you!

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Still no luck. Trying to log in with iPhone and iPad to ZP. Thanks!

Thank you Shuji and Flint! Race ranking points are back and retroactive. These are important to us racers, so, again, thank you!!:slight_smile:


Mostly so I can keep up with whats going on but may be useful:

Ranking - looks to be FIXED but may be lingering issues
Live Update - FIXED
Friends>Results broken - appears FIXED
Team>Results broken - appears FIXED
ZP Captcha Login - FIXED (possibly not for iPhone/iPad??)
Race metrics slow to process - tba
Rider Search - tba
Fit Files processing - tba
Organisers can not create new leagues/events - tba
Events showing France primes regardless of map - tba

updated 21 Nov 9:33am (NZT)


The Race Point issue seems to be at least mostly fixed.

However I don’t have them on my profile page yet,
although many others already do. Maybe we just have to be a bit more patient…

Big win for who? The broadcast team?

However, once again your average Zwifter has had their experience reduced.

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Are there plans to fix the event signup on ZP? It’s extremely useful as team organizers to see who has already registered in-game, but at least for our current event nothing is being displayed.

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