Rider database is broken

Glad I didn’t have the race of a lifetime last week. Looks like I would never have gotten proper credit for it.


Results / ranking make fun and racing without such a system is absurd.
Very disappointing for all racers.
Who’s in charge ? Is there a pilot in the plane ? Zwift silence is very much unpleasant and disrespectful to the ‘customers’ we all are.


Hoping for race result ranking points to reappear as well. Been a week now, this is silly. I’m going to stop racing until this is resolved and see people getting points. Especially during a pandemic (non) season…this is the only place we can really race this year. Would be nice to have something comparative to show for it, one of my goals has been to achieve a certain race ranking and I can’t get there if no points are produced.


Nobody could see this coming when Zwift took over.

And if you believe that, I have some beans you may be interested in.


I’m at the point where I hope a bunch of tech-savvy Zwifters spin-off and create a race-friendly alternative. It’s crazy to see a company so heavily invested in e-racing, at least in public statements (i.e., Olympics, etc.), yet spend so few resources on improving it.


We’re looking into these issues. Please continue to flag them up here.


Thank you for the response, @Shuji_Sakai! Please let us know if you all plan to fix the ranking points issue retroactively. No ranking points since November 11th.


I’m missing racing points from November 10th (United States, West Coast).

Event ID = 1204584

Also missing points from this Event ID = 1208153

:rofl: I’ll be using that tactic in my Sweatfest series today


Zwift when you think to fix this Major issue about ranking points assigment???


Can we get a timeline about when the ranking system issue will be addressed? It doesn’t seem like the new servers are helping ZwiftPower at all.


any update an entire day later please @Shuji_Sakai ?

Does anyone else happen to know roughly what % of paying zwifters use the platform to race? Someone else above didnt seem to think it was very high, but Id have thought it was almost the entire point these days really, even if not originally conceived as such.

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I personally have 3 events I am missing ranking points from, and since I busted my @ss to get them, on a platform I paid Zwift to use, I would quite like the credit pls



It’s been 8 days now with no end in sight. Can Zwift give us an ETA?

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update from the other thread

I don’t see anything on their status page related to racing points not working.

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7 straight days of great racing down the tube?


Es werden seit Dienstag, den 17.11.2020 meine Daten nicht mehr vollständig hochgeladen bitte das Problem lösen.danke

Quick update from HQ:

Our engineering team is working now on the rankings-not-updating bug. Hope to have that resolved soon.

I am locking this thread now. In order to consolidate discussions about progress following the November 16 ZwiftPower server migration, please join us on this discussion thread, thanks!